Kitchens Are Out, Bathrooms Are In Why The Master Bathroom Is The Most Popular Place To Renovate


That bathroom remodel project isn’t going to complete itself. It’s time to put your nose to the grind and get to it!

Remodeling the bathroom is the most common homeowning project ouside of sprucing up the bathroom. It makes sense when you think about it. The kitchen isn’t just where we go to grab a bite to eat, but to chat, finish chores and browse our phones in the morning. When it feels cramped or lackluster? You’ll do whatever it takes to get it back up to speed in time for the holidays. Whether you want to convert tub to shower or change out your backsplash tiles, there’s a whole world of potential waiting for you.

Your bathroom remodel project needs to keep a few steps in mind to turn out a success. Jot down some notes with the list below.

Did You Know?

American homeowners today have a lot to enjoy when it comes to homeowning renovations. The interior design industry boasts a plethora of accessible and useful materials fo you to select and apply at will. A recent study revealed four out of five renovating homeowners are choosing to replace major bathroom features, such as the flooring or sinks. The shower is another particularly popular location, with 85% of homeowners focusing their energy on changing the showerhead or adding new backsplash tiles.

Creating A Safer Home With A Bathroom Remodel Project

Should you have family aging in place, or you’re just tired of feeling insecure in your own home, safety might be high on your list. Bathrooms are responsible for over 80% of injuries in the home, due to the slippery floor and propensity for spills. A single fall can put you in the hospital, so taking the time to convert a few areas with safety in mind is the very definition of being proactive. A National Institute On Aging (or NIA) study determined more than a third of seniors will slip and fall every year. A new bathtub handle or floor design can do wonders.

Improving Your ROI With Simple Additions

Perhaps you want to see how your home’s value can be increased. You’re in luck. Zillow released a survey called the 2017 Paint Colors Analysis, finding out homes with blue bathrooms sold for $5,500 more than expected. A National Association Of Home Builders survey also found bathroom remodeling to be the most requested home renovation job in the United States at an overwhelming 85%. A simple addition can yield you an 85% ROI or more. The bathroom is a functional place in the home, used so frequently it runs the risk of becoming worn-out sooner than other areas.

Boost Your Mental Health With A Pretty Design

Our environments leave a significant impact on our health, for better and for worse. Clutter, a lackluster design and a lack of color has been closely linked to higher rates of depression and anxiety. Likewise, taking the time to organize your spaces better and make them more aesthetically pleasing can see you feeling better more often. Kitchen remodeling has since been booted from the top spot to be replaced by bathroom renovations that combine a mixture of safety, practicality and beauty. How could a new shelf or better backsplash design make you feel better in the morning?

Smart Places To Start On Your Renovation

Your bathroom remodel project can seem a little complex on the surface — particularly with all the benefits you can stand to gain — and even out of your reach, depending on your experience with renovations. This is where a game plan comes into play. Choose the most important aspect of your remodeling plan and use it to guide your hand as you search for materials or contractors. If it’s safety you’ll want to look into functional additions like handles or walkways. If it’s aesthetics you want, a new paintjob or backsplash tile design can refresh the appearance of your master bathroom in a matter of days.

No journey is finished in a day. What could a shower remodel or new tub do to make your home feel more complete?