Screens and Windows for Porches and Patios


Landscaping on a property is the act of adding features and grooming the front yard and back yard, and it is most typical for either office buildings wanting to look attractive and impress business partners, or for suburban properties. In the case of a suburban home, landscaping is highly lucrative and money efficient, since the features are not only convenient and pleasant in their own right, but proper landscaping can boost a home’s resale value and give it a stronger presence on the housing market when the owner decided to sell his or her home. In this way, landscaping can easily pay for itself. Landscaping takes many forms, from planting flowerbeds to fruit trees and special grasses, all the way to outdoor kitchens, pools, ponds, and patios and porches, especially on the back of the property where things are more private. Patios and porches are a great place for friends and family to gather and chat, cook on the grill or outdoor kitchen, and more. However, privacy and safety on a porch or patio is always important. Mosquitoes are a common pest that suburban homes may have to contend with, and strong sunlight and nosy neighbors can also be an issue. For this reason, fiberglass patio windows and doors are a good investment, as are porch screen rolls, mesh screen fabric, pool screens, and more. Any owner of a good patio or porch should make this final investment so everything is private and safe.


What problems or inconveniences might face a patio or porch owner? For one thing, mosquitoes are a serious problem wherever they occur. Not only is it unpleasant to hear their high-pitched buzzing sounds and deal with itchy bite spots, but they can be dangerous. Over 3,000 mosquito species have been confirmed, and many million of insects, including mosquitoes, are estimated to exist for every human being on the planet. They often carry diseases and micro parasites which can be very problematic, the most infamous of which is malaria (a microscopic parasite that enters a host as the host female mosquito feeds on an animal or person). Other diseases may be carried by mosquitoes as well, which is why they are in fact among the most dangerous organisms on Earth, based on which part of the world they are found in. Suburban Americans probably won’t face the worst diseases that mosquitoes carry, but they can still be problematic. And other patio or porch problems may be strong sunlight making an interior porch too hot, or neighbors spying on the patio or worse, burglars scouting out homes to rob. What can be done?

Patio and Porch Features

For every problem facing a patio or porch, there is a solution. Burglars and mosquitoes (and flies, too) can be kept away if a patio or porch is encased in metal or wood supports for fiberglass patio windows and doors, which afford a great view of the back yard while keeping criminals and insects away, not to mention other pests like raccoons or stray dogs. Fiberglass patio windows and doors should be available at local hardware stores, and they can protect expensive patio items like grills and furniture. In warmer part of the United States, though, sunlight can warm up a patio more than people would like, so fiberglass patio windows can have screens and blinds put on them to limit sunlight and its warming effects. This can also ensure privacy in the case of nosy neighbors or potential burglars looking for a property to target.

For those who do not invest in fiberglass patio windows or roofs, another option during mosquito season is screen mesh that is fine enough to block mosquitoes and flies from getting inside the perimeter, and these screen meshes are inexpensive, easy to put up, and allow breezes and sunlight through while keeping out insects. Before buying a screen, a homeowner should check the mesh to make sure that it is fine enough to keep mosquitoes out, and make sure that it has no rips, tears, or holes or any other problems with it. Such a mesh may be especially useful during an outdoor barbecue or other dinner on the patio or porch, where no one wants mosquito bites or flies landing on food.