Advice for AC Owners!


America’s history with AC

HV/AC units not only have a costly price, but they can also be cumbersome to maintain

A study shows, the average American family spends $2,000 on energy bills.

Not only that, but 5 % of all electricity that is produced in America, is from residential air conditioning, and it costs $11 billion to most homeowners.

Heating and cooling is the majority of what the bills go to.

To be frank, AC units were always pretty expensive.

To be more specific, during the 1940’s, the price for an in-window air-conditioning unit ran for $350.

In today’s market, that would cost at least $3,500.

Unfortunately, it’s a small price Americans have to pay, considering the fact 84% of U.S citizens have some sort of AC unit in their home.

Americans possess more AC units than all other nations combined, actually.

In addition, America consumes more energy from air conditioning than any other nation.

This is understandable why there is a high demand for AC units in the states.

The winter months can be just as unsettling for states like Minnesota, North Dakota, and Virginia.

Heating and air conditioning units have become a necessity.

Since many citizens of the U.S believe it’s a necessity they should know how and why to maintain and repair their AC/heat units, correct?


Research shows only 42% of homeowners call an ac repairman to conduct a routine maintenance check on the unit.

Once a year is recommended.

Some companies inspect them more frequently.

For example, the air conditioning company, Total Air and Heat, does a maintenance check on the unit twice a year, being that you pay a minimum of $16.50 per month.

It’s worth spending $16 on the maintenance because there are ramifications if it’s not.

Benefits of maintenance

It lowers heating and cooling cost

Air condition and Heat units that are cleaned regularly, perform more efficiently.

Moreover, it requires fewer resources from the air conditioning company to mend any issues the unit has.

Therefore, the maintenance makes it less costly.

Having to pay that every often will infuriate most.

Homeowners are better off letting an air conditioning company do annual checkups.

It just runs better

By keeping on the maintenance, the home will feel better.

The cooling of the house will feel as if the homeowner were in the winter months, during the heat of summer.

During the winter months, the owner’s home will feel as if it’s a warm summer’s day.

Longer Life Span

Owners that schedule regular routine checkups for their HVAC units have 40% longer lifespan than most units that don’t.

Basically, this means it can last for about 20 years, if maintained properly.

However, if not, HVAC systems normally will last 8 to 15 years.

Common Malfunctions

Here are some common ac problems that most ac units have.

Cooling Quality

If the unit is blowing hot hair, chances are the air filter.

Usually, the air filter needs to be replaced.

It’s recommended the air filter gets checked every month during peak months.

Low refrigerant could be another factor in why the unit isn’t blowing any cool air.

If it’s the refrigerant, contact an air conditioning company.

A Squealing sound?

The belt is damaged if the there is a squealing sound coming from the AC system.

It needs to be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise, they will break, and there won’t be any central air in the home.

Loud Clunking noises

Loud clunking noises are the result of a loose component in the unit.

If this issue isn’t resolved in a timely fashion, there could be severe problems down the road.

HVAC services can be costly and tedious.

However, its worth it in the long run.

To find further advice about air conditioning repair, look online.