How Invisible Hinges Make Remodeling Easier


There’s a lot of advancements being made in technology—LED lighting is a major one. LED lights are much more efficient than traditional lighting, fluorescent and incandescent. Since LED lighting was developed, less power is used in the U.S for the same level of lighting—nearly 100% of energy harnessed in LEDs is converted into light, and only a small percentage is wasted as heat. The LED lighting is resourceful and relied on far more than traditional lighting because of the non-toxic materials it created from. Many homeowners are in favor of using environmentally safe lighting in their homes because there is an increase of awareness about the Earth’s current state—but beyond preventative measurements LED lighting is heavily used during remodeling to create an innovative look that is popular among millennials.

How To: Remodel a home

Remodeling is a new chance—a fresh canvas to design what you desire. Many people take on the challenge of remodeling because it’s a project that typically outweighs the struggle, and has the potential to increase their home’s market value. Data shows that out of the top 20 metro areas in the U.S San Francisco homeowners spend the most money remodeling—almost $70,000 for a large kitchen. But remodeling doesn’t always require excessive cost, simply knowing what to focus on in kitchen installations makes all the difference between an average kitchen and a top-market investment. There’s a misconception that remodeling means demolishing everything and starting from scratch—while that might be the case for some, remodeling doesn’t necessarily translate to spending outrageous sums of money.

How To: Use Implement Invisible hinges in your home

The areas most remodeled in a kitchen tend to be cabinets and sinks, there’s a need to change these to tie in other elements they want to include in the kitchen area. Of course, everyone has their design quirks—some people are content if they aren’t able to match up their kitchen how they originally intended, while others refuse to complete remodeling until every detail is to their liking. Usually, cabinet latches and drawer slides are the primary focus of worry; they want to change specific areas to mesh with their kitchen, that doesn’t always work accordingly.

Statistics accounted for approximately 47% of millennials being likely to choose white kitchen cabinets, in comparison to 41% of baby boomers. The furniture painting is another primary concern, usually difficult to find an exact match, but there’s an easier way to figure out which color is best for you. Paints have been designed to perfect their blend to the wall’s originally color, and it only requires a few coats placed over it for a smooth finish. Similarly, to cabinets, kitchen doors can be a hassle to perfectly mesh into the kitchen’s space—invisible hinges are able to resolve these issues with locking hardware technology that provides the same strength as regular hinges without the hassle of searching for the exact color. Invisible hinges are also widely versatile, used in place of traditional cabinet hardware hinges and bath hardware, these heavy duty hidden hinges allow homeowners more freedom to do what they truly want, redesign.