Replacing your windows can increase your homes value


Home ownership has tons of different costs that you may not think about until the time comes to replace one of the major parts of your home. The windows in your home are just as important as the roof on top. Not only do they keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer and safe all year round but they can actually make a huge difference on what your home is worth. There are energy star tax credits available for those who qualify to take a bit of the strain off the cost of replacement windows.

If you have purchased an older home that has not yet been updated in the past 15-20 years you should definitely consider replacing the windows. Older windows were once single pane glass creating less of a noise barrier and easier access for drafts. Your energy bills can be increased by 10-15 percent with drafty windows in place. Having these older windows in your home can cost you more money in the long run then it would to replace them. The seal within your window can only last so long as well so even if you have some double pane glass in your home and they are reaching the 15 year old mark they may have lost their seal and begun to look foggy and dirty on the inside. If your windows are beginning to produce moisture within the double pane it is time to start thinking of replacements.

Replacing the windows in your home can save you tons of money if your living in it and if your looking to replace your windows in your home to sell it will increase your property value by thousands of dollars. When buyers are looking at purchasing a home they are hoping to get a home that has lots of recent updates as opposed to a fixer upper that they need to do by themselves. The ease of moving into an updated home takes the stress of any home buyer making it an easy choice to update and replace your windows. Window companies can inform you of the necessary changes needed to update your windows and increase the value in your home. When purchasing manufactured homes for investment purposes take advantage of energy star tax credits to help with the costs of owning these homes.

There are energy star tax credits in place for those who are building their dream home and install energy star windows. You can get up to $2000 in tax credits if you are building your home and if you have a manufactured home you can get $1000 tax credit for installing energy star windows. These savings can be huge when trying to cut costs during home construction. There are certain qualifications to consider when applying for the tax credit and you must meet the energy efficiency requirements to receive the credit. The IRS has systems in place to make it easy to apply and receive the credit. Take advantage of the tax credit for replacement windows while it still exists.