Got Geese? Keep Them Off Your Turf With Eco Friendly Bird Repellent Gel For Residential Areas


We all have to deal with unwanted pests at some point or another.

Some homeowners have to deal with squirrels frequently sneaking into their attic and creating food caches. Others have to figure out how to go about handling an ant infestation. Geese, just like pigeons and rats, can transform from mundane animals into frustrating intruders at the blink of an eye. Handling these issues effectively means looking into animal control resources in your area and giving them a call. You want to stay safe, after all, and many DIY methods of geese removal just don’t work.

Look into these five quick facts about geese behavior and bird repellent gel to give you the bigger picture on this annoying hitch in your week.

Pest Control Is A Common Problem In America

Americans, be they homeowners or renters, have to deal with pest control at some point or another. The United States is home to what some have been calling the ‘ratpocalypse’, an issue concerning rat infestations in some major cities. This doesn’t even start to cover other pest control issues, either, such as as squirrels, termites, and cockroaches. Handling pests can seem like an annoying DIY task, but it’s best to do your research. Failing to apply the right deterrent can just lead to a long-term issue that never resolves itself.

Animal Contact Can Be Both Frustrating And Hazardous

Why do you want to keep animals out of your property and home? You want to keep your residents safe and everyone healthy. Many animals carry with them diseases that, at worse, can get someone sick and, at best, put someone in the hospital. It never hurts to call local animal control and ask them for their thoughts as you apply bird repellent gel around your complex. You might learn a few tricks about deterring these stubborn birds.

Canada Has A Significant Waterfowl Population

Canadians are in dire need of effective, eco friendly goose repellent methods. The Canada goose (scientifically known as Branta canadensis) is one of the largest members of the Anatidae family. These Canadian geese populations don’t migrate, either, instead living year-round in a single location. The last 50 years have seen these goose numbers increasing substantially. Researchers believe this increase is due to the ability of geese to adopt to landscaping practices, many of which include ponds, lawns, and athletic fields attractive to birds.

Geese Can Damage Your Home And Expose You To Illness

It’ll be hard to attract new tenants if they see feathers everywhere. Geese are known to cause significant damage to turf grass and various surfaces due to their extensive foraging habits. They also contribute significant fecal contamination, which will result in a huge economic loss for the public. It’s not just Canada that sees the need for bird repellent gel, either. The state of Ohio is home to over 100,000 geese spread across over 80 counties.

Bird Repellent Gel Can Keep Geese Off Your Lawn

You want to learn how to keep geese away in the long-term. You’re tired of fecal matter staining your signs and damage to your lawns. The function of bird repellent gel is to create an inhabitable environment to geese that still doesn’t go as far as harming an essential waterfowl population. This product is designed to change the taste of turf, right alongside a very subtle color change that can be recognized by birds easily. This is a simple effect that will result in fewer birds, less damage, and more money saved.

Get rid of geese the eco-friendly way. Look into bird repellent gel this year.