Thinking of repainting your home? Consider air purifying paints


When you think of repainting your home you usually start thinking of colours, and design, matching furniture, coordinating curtains and the amount of work that goes into repainting single walls nevermind the entire house. The last thing that comes to mind when repainting your home is the health qualities of your paint. There are some great new features in paint that many of us are very unaware of and now its time to open your eyes and see the new options available.

Reducing our chemical footprint has become a new trend as we fight with climate change, illegal dumping and other environmental issues. Using paints that have fewer chemicals in them can be good not only for the environment but for your family as well. Air purifying paints are now a thing and can help you decrease the number of toxins floating through your home daily. According to a report by CBC Marketplace, VOC levels higher than 500 ppb could cause health issues for people with chemical sensitivities. Breathing in toxins doesn’t have to happen in your home and you don’t have to have a loud and expensive air purifier in your home to accomplish this.

When you repaint your home it can take days for the paint smell to disappear and ventilate. The new paints on the market are now odorless paints that you can sit in right after the room has been painted. You can get low odor paint for every room of your house or just for the ones that will have children in them. They also have latex-free options for those with a latex allergy. Many people suffer from health conditions or ailments that can make life challenging but now you can choose paints that will make your life easier.

Air purifying paints are just the beginning in the healthier home renovation movement. More products and companies are taking the more health-conscious route to ensure they are competing with the other trendy businesses. Families have been looking for environmentally friendly, non-toxic, affordable options to enhance their lives and businesses are taking notice of these hot trends. What other products will be creating a new health feature in the future? Keep your eyes peeled as you never know what scientists and inventors will create next.