Inside a Commercial Boiler Service


In the YouTube video titled “What’s Involved in a Commercial Boiler Service”, the lead engineer of Village Heating gives a detailed explanation of what commercial boiler services are and why they are important. He starts off with a step-by-step guide on how to remove a commercial boiler that has been installed. Thereafter, he shows viewers how to assess it for any malfunctioning components before giving it a thorough clean. Cleaning the boiler is an important step that ensures that there is no debris or dust that is building up on the inside. 

Once the heat exchanger has been cleaned, it can be put in place and further assessment should be conducted on the other components such as the gas chamber.

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This is to ensure that there are no leaks from the gas that can cause potentially life-threatening damage. To adequately assess whether the gas chamber in the tank functions properly, the boiler should be turned on for an interim inspection. External pipes and flutes should be assessed for any leaks as well. If the installation of the boiler is complicated, getting a professional who does industrial heating service to conduct the maintenance and cleaning is recommended. This should help to avoid any damage to the boiler or parts of it.