How Land Surveying Works


Land surveying is important for the planning of construction projects and real estate endeavors. In this video, you will learn how land surveyors use technology in recording dimensions for a plot of land, which is then used for project planning. For example, a city would hire land surveyors to give them specifics on roads in order to plan for an upcoming pavement project.

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It gives precise information.

First, land surveyors establish reference points for use of their technology. They establish coordinates between points. The technological tools then establish distances based on the selected points, often using the correlation between satellites for exact measurement (that technology is still relatively new). It captures data and gives precise measurements based on specific locations. This data is then analyzed and prepared for the project managers, planners, and investors involved to move forward. It is relatively common for land surveyors to have a background in math, as some calculation is required, despite the technological innovations.