Do You Know When You Should Replace Your Roof


The average cost of a new roof is $8.000, so you need to be absolutely sure that your old roof needs replacing. Digital Roofing Innovations lists the signs that you definitely need a new roof.

Go up to your attic or crawlspace on a sunny day and turn off all of the lights. If you see any sunlight coming in that’s not from a window, this means that there are cracks in your roof.

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Turn the lights back on and check for water stains. If you find them, it’s time to call residential roofing services.

Take a good look at your roof from the ground. Your roof should have straight edges. If your roof sags to one side or has developed a dip, then it is falling apart and needs to be replaced.

The next step is to go up on the roof to check the shingles. If they are covered in moss or mold, this is a sign that they are holding in moisture, which then leaks into your home. If the shingles are cracked, are not lying flat, or have lots of black dents, they are so damaged that they need to be replaced.