The video talks about a pro shower placement project using glass doors. The step in installing frameless glass shower doors is to measure the distance between the walls. The person must ensure that the measuring tool is placed on entirely flat walls.

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A solid panel will be placed on one side, and it will be held with four clips. A door will go on the other side, and it will open both ways. The door will have two hinges attached to it.

The workers order the hardware to match the plumbing finishes in the shower. The second step of the process is drawing plumb lines to ensure that everything remains on the same plane.

The goal when setting the panels is to leave as much room in the shower for the user as possible. As such, this particular worker likes to move the doors and panels as far to the outside of the shower as possible.

In this particular project, the workers were looking to give the shower a studio appearance. They used ceramic tiles on the walls to give it that unique appearance. They also used dark grout to add some flair to the tiles. Polished nickel was the choice of material for the shower items.