Moving to the Rockies? What You Need to Know About Rockfall Mitigation


If you are moving to the Rockies, you’ll need to be aware of rockfall mitigation. But what is rockfall mitigation and how is it done? Keep reading to find out.

Let’s start with what rockfall mitigation is. Rockfall mitigation is the process of knocking down loose rocks to avoid them falling and causing injuries to people driving by.

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So, how is rockfall mitigation done? There are experienced and safety-trained workers who are connected to ropes at the top of a rocky slope. These workers look for anything that is loose or could be a potential hazard and they knock it down with various tools.

After the workers are done mitigating the areas, there are drones that take pictures. This is done so that designers can lay out and put protective mesh over the slop. This is to prevent any loose rocks from coming down onto the roadway.

Even with efforts, we can’t prevent rockfall. Rockfall is something that happens on its own and will keep happening long after we are gone. But, we can put protective measures in place to help keep the rock on the side of the road rather than farther out in the roadway obstructing traffic.

Watch the video above to learn more!