Whats the Difference Between Service Plumbing and Construction Plumbing?


When hiring plumbing services, it’s essential to consider the difference between service and construction plumbing, as explained in the video,” Service Plumbing vs Construction Plumbing.” While both provide necessary plumbing services for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities, it is good to know the differences in scope of work for the best outcome.

Service plumbing is more common than construction plumbing. It’s used for day-to-day maintenance, repairs, and system upgrades.

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For example, your service plumbing might include routine drain cleaning and flushing out of your HVAC system.

Construction plumbing is used throughout construction to get a facility up and running. It’s responsible for installing new or replacement water, waste, and gas pipes in a building. You might need construction plumbing if you’re constructing a new home or commercial building, or remodeling an existing one.

Service plumbing is completed in a day or two since it’s done regularly. On the other hand, construction plumbing takes a few weeks and sometimes longer to complete as there might be multiple phases, and it’s done piece by piece. From a cost standpoint, service plumbing is usually less expensive than construction plumbing because it involves less labor. Also, there is usually no need for special equipment or special tools for service plumbing compared to construction plumbing, where you typically need to use specific construction tools.