What Home Improvements Can Increase The Value Of Your Home Before Putting It On The Market

resale value of 2 bedroom homes


When preparing your home for listing, it is critical to focus on improvements that add to its value. Here is a guide on home improvements that can help you improve the resale value of 2 bedroom homes and make them sell faster.

Consulting a Listing Agent

People relocate due to financial reasons, home-related reasons, and the need for a new neighborhood, among other reasons. Whatever your reasons for selling your home, you might wonder, ” how much is my house worth,” when determining whether your house’s current price will be enough for your personal needs. Or whether renovations will be needed to boost the resale value of 2 bedroom homes.

Unless you are a realtor, hiring a listing agent to prepare a comparative market analysis (CMA) report for accurate pricing would be imperative to answering the above question. If the CMA report reveals a price that doesn’t meet your selling goals, you can ask the listing agent to recommend renovations that dramatically increase your home’s value.

Besides the renovations, the listing agents can recommend the most reliable home improvement companies you can hire for the home improvement project. Depending on your agreement, the listing agents can also help market your home for a quick and higher sale.

As you can see, the benefits of working with a listing agent go beyond estimating the current value of a home. To enjoy most, ensure you work with an experienced and trusted listing agent by asking for referrals from family and friends on social media.

resale value of 2 bedroom homes

Determining the Right Time to Renovate and List a Home

Home sales and move-ins typically peak in late spring and early summer, when weather conditions favor the movement of property. One way to ensure you boost the resale value of 2 bedroom homes during these seasons is to hire a real estate professional to constantly assess the real estate potential and list your home when conditions are most favorable.

Experienced real estate professionals know how to observe past market trends to determine when mortgage rates are at their lowest and when the demand is highest to benefit from the home bidding wars. Moreover, these professionals know when the inventory supply is low, and demand is high, fetching high profits in property sales.

Also, real estate professionals may determine the type of buyers in the market and recommend renovations that will attract a quicker and more profitable sale. For instance, if most homebuyers in the market include aged persons, they may recommend adding safety features in the bathroom, wider doors and windows, safer stairs, and other renovations that will help target such an audience.

Ensuring Compliance With the Local, State, and Federal Laws

Most states require homeowners to obtain a permit or get approved by the local housing authorities before remodeling their homes. Some other states also have legislations that prevent property owners from doing certain renovation projects. One way to ensure compliance with your local and state building codes is to hire a real estate lawyer to obtain the permits on your behalf.

An experienced real estate attorney can also be of great help when closing the sale of your house. Indeed, more than 21 states require you to work with a real estate lawyer when selling your home. While a real estate lawyer may not bargain for a higher resale value of 2 bedroom homes, they can help you avoid legal issues that could result in costly penalties.

For instance, a real estate attorney can help:

  • With complicated legal issues like splitting the proceed of a home after a divorce or selling a property with a deceased owner
  • Identify loopholes in a purchase contract and guide you in closing it
  • Review the buyers offer for any red flags, including legal issues that may result from signing an incomplete contract
  • Resolve any outstanding liens and clear the way to close the sale
  • Facilitate a joint property sale
  • With obtaining ownership documents for an inherited home for listing
resale value of 2 bedroom homes


First impressions matter when it comes to receiving bids on your home, and one way to get a good first impression is by installing a fence around your property. Yes, potential buyers will be willing to bid a higher resale value of 2 bedroom homes if they have a fence with a fence gate around them.

For one, a well-installed fence assures potential buyers of privacy. They can hold private events without worrying about the prying eyes of their neighbors and passersby. Also, home buyers will be willing to pay more as they won’t have to incur additional expenses installing the fence.

A fence gate will protect the pets and children on the lawn from running into the neighborhood. It will also prevent thieves from entering and stealing valuables on your compound. And if your home is next to a public road, a gated fence will hinder rogue cars and accidental intrusions from your compound.

Hire an experienced fencing service to assess your home location and tailor the best fence design, installation, and maintenance to get the most out of your fence.

Touching Up or Redoing Your Paint

Over time, the walls and ceilings can discolor and develop dings, dents, marks, dirt, and other unwanted elements, giving them an unappealing look. Having your home’s interior and exterior professionally painted can rid those imperfections and give it a fresh, clean, and attractive look.

Why hire a professional painting company instead of DIYing the painting operation? It all boils down to the level of experience. Professional painters are more experienced in preparing the walls in a way that will make the paint last longer without peeling. Also, they will likely use quality products in their work to market their operations. They know the right paint combinations that will give your home’s exteriors and interiors a wow factor.

Another advantage of hiring professional painters is that they are insured. Being insured means that the painting company will cover any property damage resulting from the painting operation, and you don’t have to worry about costly repairs.

Finally, the painting operation requires more than just paintbrushes. You need access to quality safety gear, patching tools, sealers, painting applicators, spraying devices, and other accessories to deliver quality painting results. Professional contractors own all the necessary tools and equipment to enhance the resale value of 2 bedroom homes by giving them a beautiful finish.

resale value of 2 bedroom homes


Landscaping is an excellent way to improve your home’s beauty and resale value. A well-maintained landscape allows you to interact with nature and add vibrancy to your life. It also offers a great way to utilize unused lawn areas. The benefits are unlimited.

One way to unveil the numerous benefits of landscaping is by working with a landscaping company. Professional landscapers are experienced in determining the soil quality and choosing the plants which can thrive in them.

Also, professional landscapers know the plant/ floral combinations that can add color and beauty to your yard. Even if your yard requires hard-to-find plants, professional landscapers can find such from their wide network of fellow landscapers, suppliers, and plant manufacturers.

Landscaping requires the right tools for fertilizing, watering, and shaping the landscape. Since professional landscapers work for a living, the chances are excellent that they have access to all landscaping tools and equipment.

Finally, professional landscapers can offer effective solutions to all your landscaping problems. Suppose you have a patchy lawn due to acidic or barren soil. In that case, a landscaper can conduct soil tests and recommend a solution that will give a lush-looking yard.

As you can see, hiring a landscaper is the first solution to maintaining a great-looking lawn and improving the resale value of 2 bedroom homes. For best results, hire an experienced landscaping company to manage your yard.

Renovating Concrete Parking Lot and Driveways

Having concrete driveways and parking lots in a home is highly treasured by potential customers. This is because these installations, when well-maintained, offer a safe ground for moving and parking their vehicles. They also improve the resale value of 2 bedroom homes by giving their exteriors a more defined and attractive look.

Executing the concrete driveway repairs is not as simple. You may need to use heavy machinery to transport concrete materials, mix concrete, remove trees, and dig the ground, among other operations. As such, hiring an experienced concrete repair company remains the ultimate option.

To get a reliable concrete repair company:

  • Ask your friends for referrals and then use their customer testimonials on their websites to develop a final checklist
  • Use this checklist to contact them for one on one interview, and then select the one with the best execution plan
  • If several have an effective implementation plan, choose the one with the best price quotation
resale value of 2 bedroom homes

Cleanliness Counts

After some home renovations on the house’s interior and exterior, you might accumulate a lot of solid waste. If that is the case, ensure you keep zero solid waste on your compound, as they can trample the resale value of 2 bedroom homes.

One effective way to eliminate that waste is by hiring a bulk trash pickup company to remove the debris. One advantage of hiring such a bulk trash pickup company is that you won’t have to pollute the environment by burning unwanted waste. Secondly, bulk trash pickup companies work with waste recycling companies, creating a clean and green environment.

So if you have bulky waste that isn’t suitable for normal pickup after renovations, you can hire a bulky trash pickup company to dispose of the waste on your behalf. Regarding bulky waste, we mean Mattresses & Box Springs, cabinets, bed frames, sofas, furniture, and other unwanted items that cannot fit in your normal disposal service container.

Conducting Repairs and Replacements

Homes may develop structural damage from normal wear and tear, damage from the elements, or mechanical damage. You should hire a home repair and replacement company to repair and renovate your home.

Home repair and replacement experts know the areas prone to damage, like the roof, gutters, water faucets, and bathroom features. They also know which changes to implement to make your home look newer at a lower cost.

For instance, they can install energy-efficient lights, windows, new kitchen cabinetry, repair /replace the roof, change the door hinges, replace the gutters, install floor tiles, or any other repairs depending on the damage.

If you have custom renovations in mind, inform the repair professionals during the initial stages of signing the contract. Also, ensure you pass on any renovation ideas you have collected from your listing agent at the start of the contract. Remember, you aim to improve the resale value of 2 bedroom homes by all means.

Replacing/ Repairing Garage Doors

Potential homebuyers who own vehicles prefer a home with a garage to one without. While this might sound promising if you have a garage in your home, the state of your garage door and the garage, in general, can impact the resale value of 2 bedroom homes either positively or negatively. That is why you should inspect the garage door for any damages to replace or repair it to avoid the worst.

More specifically, your garage door will need some TLC if:

  • It’s making abnormal noises
  • It cannot open or close
  • It cannot close completely
  • It stalls or gives a delayed response when opening
  • It goes off the track
  • Its panels are damaged or broken
  • Its torsion or extension springs are broken
  • One or both opening cords in the sides if the garage doors are frayed or broken

Note: Garage doors use a complex operation mechanism and need expert repair and maintenance. Call a reliable garage door repair company to replace or repair the garage door if you detect any of the above symptoms.

The above are ten improvements that can improve the resale value of a 2-bedroom house before you put it on the market. Hire qualified professionals to get the home improvements right on the first attempt for the best results.