Essential Garden Watering Tips to Consider


Gardening is one of the true joys of life. If you’re fairly new to gardening, you’re still learning a lot about how it works. Here are some garden watering tips to help, especially in your first few years of doing this.

Use a watering can. Though you may be tempted to get an irrigation system for your yard, a watering can is ideal for those potted plants and your seedlings. As you’re using it, give your plant’s soil a spray, then wait a few minutes and water for a little longer to ensure it soaks in further. Water from the bottom when you’re watering your seedlings. The six-cell trays are open at the bottom, so you should water at the bottom of them.

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You won’t have to water your mature plants as often. For instance, you could water a flowering plant that’s got stable roots about once every week. Make sure to use a hose if possible and water for a longer period of time.
If you do invest in a hose, it’s a good idea to purchase one that is at least 50 feet long.

Check how things are going by feeling the soil. If it’s dry past the first inch of dirt, you’ll want to water it for longer and really let it soak in. This ensures that your plants aren’t going to wilt and that they’ll survive.