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Finding The Best Moving Pods

Another name for portable on demand storage units are pods. These have actually been around for a while but they’ve become quite popular over the past couple of years. Pods are a great alternative to traditional moving trucks because they can be a lot ess expensive.

Whenever you need pods they’ll be dropped off at your home. It is up to you to then fill them up, taking as long as you need. Once you’re done, the pods will be moved to a secure storage facility until you’re ready to move to your final destination.

How much you’ll pay for pods will depend upon how long you’ll need them, how far you’ll be going and whether or not you need to use their secure storage facility. You will typically pay around $200 to have pods delivered to you, picked up and delivered to your final destination. Extra charges will be applied for returning pods from your final destination at the end of your move. Also, make sure that you’re done with your move within a month or else you’ll be charged $179 per month until you’re done with the pods. All of this makes it looks as though pods are more expensive than traditional movers but keep in mind that a truck would cost $200 per day and you have to be done in one day.

Now that you know what pods are and how much they cost you may wonder just how much you can actually fit inside of them. Keep in mind that pods measure 8x8x16. Therefore, you should expect to fit any of the following items into a single pod: 1 queen bed with its mattress and boxspring; 1 set of bunkbeds with 2 mattresses; 1 trundle bed frame; 2 full size couches; 1 dresser or toy chest; 1 bookshelf; 1 entertainment center; 1 big TV; 1 small TV; and 15 medium sized boxes.

Anyone who is busy should definitely look into pods instead of a traditional moving service. This way things can be done on your schedule without any pressure. Obviously only you can decide whether pods will actually work for you though.

Consider What You Need from Long Distance Movers

Having an awful experience because of a randomly selected moving company is not fun. Save yourself the headache and do some research before selecting long distance movers. Recommendations from people that have used long distance movers in the past are a good way to weed out bad companies. There are many professional and reputable movers available. You just need to find the one that fits your needs. Before you start searching, consider what is important to you.

Not everything works out the way you plan all the time. If you cannot find a permanent residence right away, you might want to consider long distance movers that provide storage for your furnishings. Some long distance movers provide moving storage units that you pack and load, and they deliver to your new residence or to a storage facility right in the storage container. It is a great way to keep your items safe and secure until you need them. When you do the packing, be sure to label the boxes with the contents, and the room they go in. Labeling the boxes makes it a lot easier when it comes time to unpack.

Hiring professional and reputable long distance movers who do everything for you, is a good option for many families. It may seem that the cost would be exorbitant, but when you consider the cost of renting a truck, the price of gasoline, factor in lost time from work, and all the time and effort it takes to pack, load and drive a rental truck, it may not be much different than hiring full service long distance movers. Full service long distance movers save you from the exhaustion that preparing, packing, driving and unloading takes.

If you have automobiles that need transporting, you may need to search for auto transport companies. With so many things to consider before hiring long distance movers, you might want to write a list of the most important details, so you know what type of moving company you need. Finding reputable long distance movers takes some research after you decide which type of moving works best for your family. Regardless if you need full service long distance movers, long distance movers with storage units or other moving options, taking the time to get referrals and doing some research will ensure your moving experience is pleasant and with less stress.

The Benefits of Using PODS

The moving industry is constantly experiencing minor impacts with the type of services they offer their customers. Every once in a while, a major enhancement is made to provide a convenience for people who are moving. A perfect example of a convenient product that is used for moving today is a new type of moving containers they call PODS. PODS are portable on demand storage containers that offer plenty of benefits and advantages over moving trucks. Big trucks, trailers, and vans are still being used by thousands of people every day.

However, more and more people are now using PODS to save money. For example, the cost of using a truck or a van for a move is increased because of then need to pay for the gas used. Gas prices are constantly rising every year and people are looking for ways to avoid a big amount of cash being sucked out of their wallet. PODS are dropped off at the customer’s location and shipped to the customer’s new location for a certain fee. There is no stopping off at gas stations to top off a huge truck or van being used to move a person’s possessions. These possessions are shipped ahead of time through the use of PODS. The pods can be sent by rail or by truck.

People who are simply planning on storing their goods at a facility can also save money by using PODS. Instead of paying for a rental van or truck, and worrying about the cost of gas, people can make an appointment to have Pods dropped off on their property. Once the container is full, the customer can make an appointment to have the container shipped to a local storage facility.

The entire process of using a PODS has nothing to do with a person worrying about putting gas in a big van or a truck. Furthermore, PODS are much easier to use because they are set down on the ground. Moving trucks are equipped with a steep loading ramp that makes it difficult and dangerous to load heavy items. PODS do not require a loading ramp and heavy furniture and household appliances can be carried in by hand without walking up a steep ramp. PODS are also great for homeowners who are undergoing a remodeling project.

Helpful Moving Tips

Currently, people are taking advantage in the huge drop in real estate prices and upgrading into a home that is more comfortable for their purposes. This is without question an exciting experience, but shortly thereafter the purchase is made moving will start to loom in your mind. Moving is not an easy thing to do and requires a copious amount of effort and time from all involved. The people that are relocating will have to juggle all their daily responsibilities as well as the huge burden that accompanies any move. There are certain tips and techniques you can follow or implement so that you stress level remains at a minimum and the process runs smoothly.

The first thing you will need to do is start planning and organizing yourself a few months before the actual date to move arrives. This will give you time to gather up boxes and other miscellaneous tools that will assist you along the way. People that do not know where to start can head over to the local department store and pick up a moving check list as a basic guide of when and how things should be done. Moving will be much easier if you start planning early and maintain organization until the final item is unloaded into your new residence.

Next, you should really think about hiring a professional moving company to help with some of the work. The movers will take care of a big chunk of the hard labor and completely cover the daunting task of transporting everything to and from each destination. These individuals will work together to load and unload the bulky valuables so you do not have to worry about hurting yourself doing so. An expert moving service will give you time to achieve other tasks related to the move as the movers will be doing much of the hard things for you.

Finally, seeking a portable on demand storage unit will assist greatly in the organizational aspect. These portable structures will keep everything safe from the conditions and keep items out of you way while doing various things around the house. They are great for moving because you can place your boxes and valuables within in an orderly manner making it easy to complete jobs around the house and have an organized load and offload. Remember to book this service, along with that of the movers a few months ahead of time as dates fill up fast.

Common Traits Of The Best Moving Companies

Best moving companies

At first glance, you might feel that the best moving companies in the world are the cheapest ones. But that is almost never the case. A common thread runs throughout the traits of the best moving companies. Well, it is a few threads, or traits, that run through these companies. These traits include the ability to provide excellent service … including customer service … the ability to listen to clients’ individual needs and then accommodate them, and the knowledge and experience to get the task completed on time and on budget.

The best moving companies are ones that are known the world over for offering high-quality service. These are companies that do not cut corners, no matter how easy it might make life for the people who run them. They employ the best staffs possible, train them to understand how they operate and then send them out to get the job done. For the best moving companies, training is not just about lifting heavy objects either. It also involves customer service.

So why is customer service so important for the best moving companies? They realize that customers are their No. 1 priority, and they act accordingly. Plus, with the arrival of the Internet customers are chattier than ever. If they have had a negative experience with a moving company, they will blog about it or write a review online, thereby making their words accessible to millions of other people. That should be reason enough for any moving company to want to employ the most dedicated and customer service-oriented staffs.

Listening to clients’ individual needs falls somewhat within the realm of customer service, but it is more than that. From the get-go, the best moving companies dedicate enough time to sit down with prospective clients and hash out a moving plan, even if the customer ultimately decides to take his or her business elsewhere. This dedication to understanding what clients want sets the best apart from the rest.

Knowledge and experience are of the utmost importance with today’s best moving companies too. Knowledge of the industry and its best practices are employed at these companies, as is knowledge of how to communicate with clients. With experience comes getting better at a job, so having a lot of experience is part of what makes these companies so good. The more jobs they take in and the more years they have been doing what they do, the more seasoned experts they become.