Don’t be Another Victim of a Scam, Research Before Hiring a Roofing Company

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Selecting a company to work on your roof is very important. Unfortunately there are roofing companies out there that are trying to scam you.

Like this roofing scam, according to WFLA, where a Tampa man scammed more than 100 people.

“He was a despicable low life scum,” said Pamela Beynon, whose roof still has serious damage to it more than three years after Carlton Dewayne Dunko scammed her.

Dunko pleaded guilty to a massive roof and insurance fraud scam that was first discovered by an investigation nearly two years ago.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Beynon added, “other than getting a new roof.”

Dunko’s fraudelent company, NBRC Construction LLC, scammed more than 100 homeowners across the Tampa Bay area promising to fix their roofs and storm drains along with their insurance costs.

Dunko and his partner, Frank Martin Pureber, both received 21 months in prison along with 10 years of probation and restitution penalties amounting to approximately $632,000.

“We know he’s lived like a millionaire for the last couple years,” said Joe Ziegler, who was scammed by Dunko, “I presume he’s not sorry.”

“Now he’s going to have it hard like a lot of the families he stole from,” said Sarah Fava, who was forced to live under tarp for months after she was scammed.

It’s extremely important to research on every single commercial roofing company you come across before you make a decision. There are far too many similar stories out there that involve scamming. Simply by doing an online search, verifying if the company is real or not, and talking to experienced professionals, you can avoid some of these issues that Dunko’s victims had.

It is wise to look for any sort of review online or in the newspaper involving any company you plan on hiring. A company with no reviews certainly should stir up some red flags but also be aware of a company with only positive reviews. Too much positivity often seems fake and could be a sign of a scam. Call anyone who claims to have had business done with that particular company if you are still skeptical and always be careful with your money.

There are so many fraudulent companies “working” in the home renovation industry. Be careful!
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