1 Nasty Visitor in Your Home May Require Pest Control

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Knowing that there are unwanted visitors in your household or on your property is a terrible feeling. What is even worse is sometimes you may not even know. There could be a number of pests living in your walls or in other areas, causing expensive damage and even hazardous situations. Termites, bees, rats, and bed bugs are all common possible invaders. To keep a clean and safe environment, pest control services are a must. Ignoring these pests and the damage they cause is not an option. The peace of mind you feel knowing that your property is free of all bugs and rodents should be a personal requirement in maintaining your premises.

In recent years, bed bugs have become a fear of apartment dwellers, hotel visitors, and home owners alike. The feeling that there could be something creeping in your sheets, carpets, mattress, and furniture is wretched. The top three places that these pests are often found are apartments (at 95%), single family homes (at 93%), and hotels (at 75%). Bed bugs feed off of the blood of people, so anywhere you are, they will be too. They will even bite and feed from household pets. Infestations of bed bugs are becoming more common due to people traveling and bringing bugs into their homes from hotels, or vice versa, via their clothing or other belongings. Good news is that pest control companies are ready to tackle any issue, big or small, you have with bed bugs. Bed bug control services can be introduced to smaller situations such as single dwelling homes, to larger multiple dwelling complexes such as apartment and hotel buildings. 99.6% of pest control professionals and exterminators have handled bed bug infestations in the past year, which is much higher than just 5 to 10 years ago.

During a female bed bugs lifetime, it can lay over 200 eggs. This greatly contributes to the fast spread of an infestation. This also means that once you find even a single bed bug, you must take action immediately. When you get a pest control professional to your property, they will examine all sources of a possible infestation, paying attention to carpets, furniture, and linens. The professional will be looking for the bugs themselves, their skins or molts, small spots (a sign of fecal material), and eggs. When the situation has been assessed, a plan will be put in place depending on the severity of the issue. The bed bugs are removed and the areas of infestation are treated to kill any eggs or residual hidden bugs or larvae. Often these treatments are safe for adults, children, and pets to be around.

Being well-informed on common pests is great to that you know exactly how to take action if they occur on your property. Pest control services are always around to aid you in thoroughly taking care of the problem and preventing it from happening again in the future.

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