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Best Laid Plans Will Help Keep Your Remodeling Project on Track

Home remodeling advice

If you own a home, it’s likely that at some point you are going to want to do some remodeling. A survey showed that in 2014, more than half of homeowners did some sort of renovation project, and younger homeowners were just as likely as older ones to want to do remodels. If you are planning to remodel your home, whether the project is small or large and whether you are doing it your self or hiring a home renovation contractor, you need to have a renovation plan.

Having a renovation plan for your home project will help to keep the project on track and also keep the costs from getting out of control. One of the first things your plan should address is why you are doing the remodel. Are you simply wanting to make a space look better or do you have some more concrete goals in mind. For example, more tha

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Are You Tired of Fighting With Your Lawn? Why Natural Lawn Care Could Save You Thousands

Natural lawncare

There are more than 30 million gardeners across America, and recent studies show that homeowners are more curious than ever about safer lawn care and green lawn care. Citing extensive evidence that harsh chemicals can leach into fruits and vegetables, gardeners are beginning to take matters into their own hands. We have spent millions of dollars as a nation to rid ourselves of life-threatening lead paint inside of our homes: it’s time to take that can-do attitude outside – literally.

There really is no “downside” to safer lawn care. Do your dogs have continuing health problems that you can’t quite put your finger on? Are your outdoor cats feeling under the weather, no mat

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