Four Key Reasons to Hire a Moving Company


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Moving day is approaching, and whether it is a day of excitement or a day you are dragging your feet about, you must consider whether to hire a moving company. Going at it alone has its obvious perks, like control and reduced costs. But choosing to let experienced professionals handle your move is a better option for a majority of people.

One vital reason to hire a professional moving company is labor. While the idea of actually moving everything you own might seem plausible when you are in the planning stages, on moving day it most certainly will overwhelm you. Just take a look at one room of your home, then picture all the boxes that will be required to pack up that room. Then picture lifting all of those boxes. Tired yet?

Another clear reason to invest your money in a professional moving company is, well, money. Yes, hiring a moving company costs money, perhaps several hundred dollars or more depending on how complicated and geographically complex your move is. But consider that you will be doling out cash no matter how you decide to move. If you employ a do-it-yourself move, you still need boxes, packing supplies and of course a rental truck, which on its own can cost you a few hundred bucks.

Plus, consider the opportunity cost of hiring a professional moving company. By letting the moving company handle your move from A to Z, you have more free time to devote to finishing up everything else that must be done before you leave town or move out of your house. Things will pile up toward the end as you approach moving day. You probably will be insanely busy with these things, so why not let a mover worry about how to stack boxes appropriately and then deliver those boxes while you call the cable company to cancel service and set it up again in your new place of residence?

Also consider safety. You may think you have moving down pat, but a professional moving company has you beat. Many people have rued the day they decided to haul heavy loads into a truck themselves since they have wound up with broken belongings and lost stuff. Movers are experts at knowing where things go and how best to get them there. Trust their expertise. They are absolutely worth the cost.