Relieve Stress and Reduce Cost by Using Pods for Your Next Move


Regardless if a move is across the country or to a new neighborhood in the city where you live, having everything delivered safe and secure takes patience, planning and lots of work. For days, weeks or months your life may feel like it is upside down. In order to keep your life as normal as possible, the most critical part of moving is planning. There are many decisions to make, and one of the most important is the type of mover to select. The choices include doing it yourself, hiring professional full service movers or using pods.

The portable storage units have become very popular over the last few years. A moving company delivers the containers or pods to your home; you load it, and the moving company picks up the pods when you are ready to make your move. The moving company brings a pod or pods to your home in advance of your move. You have several days to load your household goods into the moving storage unit. When you are ready to move, you contact the moving company, and a professional driver picks up the storage container and delivers it to your new location or a storage facility.

There are many advantages to using pods. The pod sits close to the ground making it easy to load and unload. Since you have several days to load the container, you can take your time to pack everything safely. Using a portable storage container allows you the option of storing your items for as long as necessary for a fee. The container is normally stored in a large warehouse. You can access the storage unit and your belongings by contacting the storage facility. Once you are ready to unload your items at your new residence, you simply contact the moving service to have the pods delivered. After the driver delivers it, you have several days to unload the contents.

Depending on the distance you are moving, and the number of pods you need, or the size of pods you need, will determine the cost. Other cost factors include whether or not you need to keep your items in storage. When you contact moving companies for quotes, verify if the containers are weather resistant and durable. Using pods for transporting your household goods relieves stress and reduces cost compared to full service moving. Additionally, unlike doing it yourself, you leave the driving to a professional.