3 Advantages of using PODS


Moving can be quite difficult and stressful. Especially for those who are busy and do not have specific time to pack, load and receive their belongings. Now there is a solution to this problem. PODS or portable storage offers the most convenient moving solutions for personal and business move and for intrastate and interstate move. PODS operate by delivering the storage container to your home or office. They will leave it there for you to pack and load the container at your own pace and convenience. Once you are ready to pick them to pick up the containers and deliver them to your new home or office, you just give them a call. Now, if you are not familiar with PODS, here are three advantages of using PODS.

First of course is the convenience. Other movers cannot offer you the same convenience. What many people face when moving to another place of residence or office is finding the time to pack, load and receive their belongings. With so many things that they have to do, since they are moving they cannot even spare a day to pack and load their stuff. Then there are those that do not have the time to receive their belongings. Compared with hiring other long distance movers, with PODS, this is not a problem.

Second, PODS is a combination of moving company and storage company. This perfect combination of services is what many individuals, families and businesses are looking for. For example, many businesses today are downgrading and therefore moving to smaller offices. They therefore need a temporary storage for office equipment, records and documents and furniture. For others that are not downgrading, most often the office needs to be prepared before they can totally move in. The office must be reconfigured and redesigned, from electrical rewiring to creating the right network connections, having a data storage room and others that the office may require. So they would also need a temporary storage for their office equipment, supplies, furniture and records. PODS therefore offers the advantage of using one company with both the services that they need. Similarly, for families that are downgrading, PODS is the right choice. And for individuals who are busy and cannot find a specific date to receive their belongings or are still finding a place to move, PODS temporary storage is the right solution. With a minimum fee, they can keep their belongings on the safe warehouse or storage location for days, weeks or months.

Third, PODS offers safe storage. The portable storage units are highly durable and can protect the belongings during the move and while they are in the warehouse. Moreover, only the owners have the keys to the storage units. No one else can have access to them so the belongings are safe. The locations of the warehouse are also safe and have the latest security and monitoring equipment.