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Moving with Pods

Storage pods are a great option for movers who are looking to take a hands on role in their move. The trend in pods has gained popularity due to their great ease of use when compared to over moving and storage solutions. Pods can be used in ways similar to traditional storage lockers, are great for people moving across town or cross country, and are a great solutions for students moving too and from colleges. Many pod providers in college towns even offer special rates and small pods for people moving into and out of student housing.

When considering a move or investment in a storage facilities, look into the options of pods. These storage units can be offered by local companies as well as long distance movers, depending on your need. Storage containers come in many sizes for different storage capacities. Companies offer guidelines on how much stuff will fit in a storage pod. If you are between sizes, it is probably best to go up a size rather than potentially damage your possessions by cramming them in too small a space.

If you are filling pods with heavy furniture it may be a good idea to enlist the help of strong friends and rent some lifting straps or a dolly. With the right tools the job will go much faster and hopefully no one will injure their back or muscles. Once you have filled up your pod, call the provider to pick it up. Pods can be stored locally at storage facilities or be trucked to your next destination. If you are moving long distance, be sure to keep some personal items and a change of clothes with you so that you can live out of a suitcase while you unpack into your destination. Storage pods also offer a great storage solution for people who are considering a home remodel. The pod can be parked on the lawn or in the driveway while the remodel is taking place, and goods can be immediately moved back in when the project is done.

Three ways to hire good long distance movers

If you are moving to a new home and is looking for good long distance movers, you are probably aware of the many scams concerning moving companies. In fact, doing a little bit of research about moving companies, you will encounter stories about how a lot of people have been victimized by seemingly good and reliable moving companies. With the right steps however, you can avoid being a victim of movers. So to help you have a problem free move, here are three ways to hire good long distance movers.

The first thing that you should do in hiring a good long distance mover is to know as much as you can about the different scams done by long distance movers. The most common is law balling. This is when long distance movers offer very low estimates. This is a way for them to beat the competition since a lot of people choose long distance movers based on the cost. Once the customer agreed, what the long distance movers do, in order to make profit from the move, is to call the customers before delivering the belongings. They will then tell the customers that unless they pay an additional cost, they will not deliver the belongings. Another common scam is when the long distance movers subcontract the move. Here, the customers usually end up with broken or lost items because the subcontractors do not have the expertise in moving. It is important therefore to read as much as you can about scams done by long distance movers so that you can avoid them.

The second thing that you should do is to choose your mover wisely. You need do a background research about the company. Learn as much as you can about the company. Make sure that they are certified to do a long distance move. Make sure that they have enough insurance. Make sure that they have good ratings from the Better Business Bureau. Make sure that they have good reviews and ratings from the review sites. Read about the comments of others about the long distance movers. In fact, it is best to compare at least five long distance movers so that you will be able to choose the best one among them. Compare them side by side. Forget about the price and instead focus on how reliable a company is compared with the others.

Third, check if the long distance movers have various types of services and what are these services. For example, do they offer full service move, do they have Pods or portable moving storage. These are the things that you should look for because the services show how stable a company is. They also show that they are not desperate for customers that they will do anything to attract them. Moreover, you can choose the right service that will help you save money from the move.

Four Main Benefits Of Renting Pods For Moving Purposes

Moving with pods almost always beats moving with any other form of transportation. A huge 18 wheeler vehicle sitting in your driveway is how moving used to be done, but that outdated method has largely been replaced by more flexible and mobile pods, which have simplified the moving process so much that most people needing to relocate to new homes or to new businesses are choosing these flexible modes of transportation. There are several reasons for this, including the aforementioned flexibility and mobility. Plus, the costs are well within reason and the storage capabilities for possessions helps too.

Most people today choose pods for their flexibility. Basically, these pods are hand delivered via truck to a person’s residence or to a business owner’s place of work. The pod is dropped off and then the person or people who will be moving can load items into these storage solutions. Once everything has been loaded into the pod, movers come and pick them up and either take them to the new spot or store them offsite until the date of a move.

Pods are mobile solutions as described above and therefore serve as another vital reason for selecting these moving solutions. Working hand in hand with the flexibility aspect, people can move their stuff into these storage devices whenever they see fit, which means they could stretch out their packing and loading over several weekends instead of just one. This often makes for a much less stressful move too, since not everything needs to be done on one day. In many cases, in fact, people have already moved most of their stuff into pods by the time moving day arrives, so they really have just a few key tasks to complete on that important day.

Costs for pods also are very comparable to costs for the 18 wheeler method that long distance movers and others use. Actually, even long distance moving companies have decided to incorporate these moving solutions into their own businesses as well, so the costs are about the same if not exact to what they probably would be for these less popular solutions. This means customers can continually keep costs down as they move from one place to another. And of course, because these pods offer part time storage solutions, customers can move virtually everything out of their homes or offices prior to moving day, which often makes it easier to sell a property.

The best things that a moving company should have

Interstate moving companies

A terrific interstate moving company could be the perfect thing for anyone that is considering a move to a new home. Whether one happens to be considering a move to another part of town, or to another city or state entirely, they will want to make sure that they find the most professional interstate moving company possible. By finding the best moving companies, people will be able to make sure that their trip goes off without a hitch. When it comes to finding an interstate moving company, there are a few things that everyone should make sure to avoid.

The ideal interstate moving company should have no problem providing proof that they are properly licensed to run a moving business. Professional movers are required to have licenses and permits just to move things around one single state. When other states are involved, more permits and licenses will be needed. Unlicensed moving companies should be avoided, since they will never be able to meet the required safety and insurance standards.

When browsing for an interstate moving company, people should not be afraid to ask for a few references. A company that can provide potential clients with two or three references is probably quite trustworthy. Hearing a good recommendation or two could easily seal the deal for a lot of people, while hearing a bad one could let someone know that they need to keep looking.

The third thing that a terrific interstate moving company can give to their clients is extra packing supplies if they are needed. Some people may not purchase enough boxes, tape or bubble wrap the first time through. Being able to get them through their interstate moving company could be incredibly convenient. Those that are worrying about a move should not have to spend time looking around for additional supplies, when they can easily find them at a company that they are already familiar with.

Making the Most of Storage Pods

Storage pods are a popular trend in the storage industry. Pods offer people storage solutions that they do not need to travel to. A storage pod can be parked in a driveway or on a lawn and filled at a homeowners leisure. Pods offer greater flexibility for those needing storage space. If you are looking to move, a filled pod can be picked up by a moving company and transported any distance.

Before renting a pod, figure out the amount of storage space you need. Pods come in several standard sizes, and providers will usually offer descriptions of how many rooms can be stored in the unit. If you are in between sizes in your storage needs, always go up a size, it is better to have too much space than not enough room.

Pods can be filled by professional movers or homeowners. Professionals can assist in moving heavy or over sized items. Once a pod if full, you can call the provider of the pod to pickup and store the pod. Be sure to pack items securely, because moving them on and off the truck will cause items to shift. You can arrange for pods to be stored in temperature controlled buildings, they can be shipped cross country by long distance movers or returned to a house if you are using a pod to store belongings during a home remodel.

Storage units and pods are commonly used by people who who have items that are not used or needed year round. Season decorations or summer outdoor furniture can be placed into storage units for the portions of the year they are not in use. Using a storage unit frees up valuable closet, attic or garage storage space.

Storage pods offer inexpensive options for storage needs. Due to the modular and vertical storage nature of pods, there are less expenses for companies. Storage pods are good options for those staying local or going global.