How a Bathroom Remodeling Company Can Make Your Bathroom Safer for Elderly and Disabled Family Members


Updated 07/21/22

Every so often, homeowners seek to give their homes a fresh look. Remodeling is popular, but the scope of work done to a house may vary for individuals. Having ideas for home renovations is smart before you change anything in the home. Remodeling can be costly if not well planned out, so having a clear picture of what you want to be combined with a budget can make things much more manageable.

It’s not uncommon to feel stuck when seeking to renovate your home, especially if it is a DIY project. However, you can quickly search how to redesign a home and get many valuable tips and tricks that you could try out. It’s essential to seek out professional help when remodeling, even if just for a consultation. There is much you could learn from design build firms that can be beneficial.

A remodeling expert can also help with high-status renovations and remodeling projects. Opting for an expert can help save on time, materials, and money spent on the project. Remodeling can be a fun journey. Contact a professional for inquiries and tips.

Most able bodied people take their ability to move freely and without assistance for granted. It’s incredibly easy to do, especially with the hectic nature of everyday life. From being able to run around in your backyard, to bringing the groceries in the house, to going to yoga class, and even doing your normal, everyday bathroom routine, it’s incredibly easy to forget that for many people, these day to day task are difficult to perform if not dangerous without assistance of some kind. This is especially true when it comes to bathroom routines.

For people that have diminished physical strength or limited mobility of some kind due to age or a physical disability, the bathroom can be an intimidating, if not dangerous place. As with the kitchen, the bathroom presents several opportunities for an elderly or disabled person to become injured or experience difficulty in some way. Add to that the fact that water and slippery soaps and bath products are involved, and it’s easy to see why thousands of people of all ages and abilities seek emergency medical treatment for bathroom related injuries at hospitals each year.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

With accessible bathroom remodeling designs, an experienced bathroom remodeling company or contractor can make your bathroom a safer, easier, and friendlier place for your elderly and handicapped loved ones. Furthermore, accessible and handicap bathroom remodeling can make the job of the caregiver easier while also giving seniors and disabled individuals a sense of independence. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for a loved one to get hurt in the bathroom before making accessible bathroom upgrades as soon as possible! A bathroom remodeling company can work closely with you and your loved one into order to design or remodel a bathroom that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as being easy, comfortable and safe to use.

One of the first areas of a bathroom an accessible bathroom remodeling company or contractor will address is the tub and shower area. The majority of bathroom related falls and injuries occur near or in the bathroom, as people are going into or coming out of it. Because of the slipperiness of water, getting in and out of the tub or shower can be especially difficult and dangerous for a person that has limited mobility and physical strength. By removing a traditional bath tub and replacing it with a walk in bath tub or shower, an accessible bathroom remodeling company can make the task of bathing and showering easier, safer, and far more enjoyable.

Walk in bath tubs and showers are among the most popular accessible and handicap bathroom upgrades. The contain a number of different comfort and safety features, including built in shower chairs or seats, handheld showers, grab bars for gripping and support, and lever style faucets that are easy to use for controlling water temperature. Some models of walk in tubs even feature spa and whirlpool jets for both therapeutic and relaxation purposes. All of these features make the act of bathing and showering easier and safer for bath caregivers and their senior or disabled patients.

There are a number of other accessible bathroom remodel designs that homeowners can take advantage of in order to make their bathrooms safer and easier to use for senior and disabled family members. Chair height toilets are an excellent addition that can make the task of using the toilet simpler, easier, and much safer. A toilet of average height has such a low profile, which makes can make it difficult for a person with little physical strength or range of motion to use. This presents an opportunity for a fall or injury. Chair height toilets on the other hand have a much higher profile, making it easier for a person to sit on and get up off of. And with a few strategically placed grab bars mounted close to the toilet, a senior or disabled person can use the toilet with ease.

Having a safe, beautiful and accessible bathroom is something that a senior or disabled person will not take for granted.