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Everything You Need to Know About Design Build

Have you ever heard of design build? This is one of the fastest growing and increasingly popular methods of construction according to DBIA. This is a great new approach to merging design and construction and makes it easier for homeowners to undergo home remodeling. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, American spent a record $340 billion in home remolding in 2018. That’s quite the total!

Home improvement and remodeling can be a very exciting process for a homeowner. How nice is it to feel like you can change up your home to have it match your dream home? If you are looking to do extensive home remodeling, you might want to think about learning more about design build.

Here are some great things to know about design build:

1. Traditional versus Design Build

Traditionally, a homeowner will need to contact and work with a designer as well as a contractor. From there, each of those entities will find a sub consultant and subcontrac

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Why Bathroom Remodeling Is as Popular as Ever

Redesign bismarck

Remodeling your home can be an investment in both time and money. According to survey, the main trigger for home renovation projects in 2015 was time (38%), with finally having the financial means coming in at 37%. Motivations for renovations can come from many different reasons, though many say a desire to stay in their current home (49%) and remaining in their current neighborhood (31%) are primary reasons for renovation.

Although many of the popular remodeling projects focus on the kitchen, the living room, or the master bedroom, the desire to remodel bathrooms–in particular, the master bathroom–is as popular as ever.

  • In a rece

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How a Bathroom Remodeling Company Can Make Your Bathroom Safer for Elderly and Disabled Family Members


Most able bodied people take their ability to move freely and without assistance for granted. It’s incredibly easy to do, especially with the hectic nature of everyday life. From being able to run around in your backyard, to bringing the groceries in the house, to going to yoga class, and even doing your normal, everyday bathroom routine, it’s incredibly easy to forget that for many people, these day to day task are difficult to perform if not dangerous without assistance of some kind. This is especially true when it comes to bathroom routines.

For people that have diminished physical strength or limited mobility of some kind due to age or a physical disability, the bathroom can be an intimidating, if not dangerous place. As with the kitchen, the bathroom presents several opportunities for an elderly or disab

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