A Landscaping Company Makes All The Difference


Landscaping services

No matter how beautiful a home may be, it relies upon the surrounding landscaping to provide a backdrop, to protect it, and to make it more efficient. Everyone prefers living in attractive surroundings, and they?re not hard to achieve with the efforts of professional landscapers. An average home can be made to look extraordinary if its yard and grounds are carefully planned with an attractive landscape design.

Not only does a manicured lawn make your home look more attractive, it helps protect your home. Lots left undeveloped are more likely to erode, thereby compromising the base of the home. Trees, rocks, berms, and other landscaping tricks can help build up the structure of your lot. They also help keep your home more energy efficient. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, improving your landscaping to save energy and natural resources can reduce home heating bills by over 30%, not to mention water bills. Using landscaping design to strategically place trees around your home can also help with energy costs; the shade from dense trees can block up to 75% of the sun?s heat, cutting air conditioning costs by up to 50%. A professional landscaping company can help you create energy-efficient, beautiful landscaping.

Landscaping provides not only beauty and natural protection but also increases the return on your investment in your home. In fact, it was reported in Money Magazine that strong landscaping can bring a recovery value at selling time of 100% or more. At the very least, homes with ?excellent? landscaping can expect a sale price around 6% higher than houses with average or ?good? landscaping, according to a study by Clemson University. In addition, the presence of outstanding landscape design can speed up a sale by as much as six weeks. So whether you?re staying or going, buying or selling, professional landscaping is important.

Look for a landscaping company that provides full landscaping and lawn care services. A landscaping company does more than mow lawns; they create an outdoor living environment that is designed to protect the environment and be energy-efficient as well as beautiful. Landscaping services to look for besides lawn care are landscape projects, retaining walls, driveways, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, patios, ponds, waterfalls, sodding, seeding, site prep and planting. Landscaping materials will include shrubs and flowers, but also rocks, gravel, soils, mulches, and more. A good landscaping company will know which materials best suit your natural environment and energy needs. They?ll also consider the style you like best, whether it be a controlled and manicured rock garden or a charmingly chaotic wildflower bed.

Landscaping is the backdrop, the frame, and the canvas on which your home stands, and it should complement the land you live on. It should also protect the grounds and the structure of your home, and reflect a landscape design that saves energy overall. A professional landscape company can help you achieve this and improve your quality of life and the value of your home.