Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Commercial Replacement Door


Different types of keys

We take doors for granted sometimes, especially if it’s a door we walk into and out of every day, such as our workplace. But don’t overlook that space — it’s how people know where to find you, and in many ways, it’s there to represent your business to the world.

Thinking about an upgrade? You may want a commercial replacement door if any of the following benefits sound appealing to you.

  • Enhanced Security
    If your doors are out-of-date or they’ve simply been around for a while, they may be more susceptible to burglary. In 2013, the FBI reported 1.9 million burglaries throughout the United States, which resulted in a combined $4.5 billion in property loss. Don’t open your doors to theft — get a commercial replacement door with different types of keys regularly!
  • Improved Aesthetics
    Your front door is the first thing customers encounter with your business. You can readily update or improve your exterior by installing a door that complements your brand and makes your visitors feel welcome upon entering.
  • Save on Energy
    Old doors can be real weak spots when it comes to insulation. If you’re running heat in the winter or A/C in the summer, those controlled temperatures might be leaking out your very front door. A new commercial door locks in air tight to save you money on your heating and cooling bills.
  • Employee Turnover
    This is another security measure, but if you’ve had a lot of people working in your office who’ve come and gone, and had a lot of keys duplicated for commercial purposes that might now be circulating the city, it’s probably time to call in a locksmith for a commercial replacement door.
  • Fix a Broken Door
    It might be obvious, but if you’ve got a broken door, fix it! Some 10% or more of homes have improperly installed deadbolts, which may allow thieves to enter easily (and in 34% of cases, they do just enter through the front door!). Don’t waste time to get a replacement if there’s something amiss with your entryway.

Don’t skimp on a door because you think it’s inconsequential. You might just find yourself getting more visitors and fewer risks! Links like this. For more, read this link.