Building Your Dream Home from Floor to Ceiling


Carpet and flooring installation

There are a lot of design choices that go into giving your home the style that best fits you. You want to be able to tie everything together to give the house a good flow and attractive look, but that can be a difficult thing to do across many different rooms, particularly if you have an eclectic style. Or perhaps the design styles that would work in one room clash with your vision for the adjacent room. Whatever the case may be, it is worth spending as much time as you need, and then maybe stepping away from the project and coming back with fresh eyes, in order to settle on the perfect setup.

Carpet designs, wall paint combinations and more
It helps to start by figuring the floors out first and working your way up to eventually decide on light fixtures. Which floors will be hardwood or tiled, and which floors will you be looking at carpet designs for? About 90% of homeowners would rather have a tile or hardwood floor in their kitchen, but there are a lot of people who prefer carpet in areas like the living room or bedrooms. By starting with carpet and flooring installation, you can figure out what floor textures look best in which room, and literally build the room up from there. You can see which carpet designs go with the colors of wall paint you are leaning towards, and which carpet designs or other flooring designs don’t exactly go with the furniture you are planning to have in each room.

Deciding between carpet and hardwood or tile
There are certainly benefits to having a hard floor in areas like the kitchen and bathroom, where floors are more likely to get wet or messy often, and having the hard floor makes it easier to clean up these messes. But there are benefits to carpet installation in other areas of the house. The feeling of walking on something soft instead of the harder impact of other materials can be a relief. And just think of lounging on the carpeted floor to read a book or play with the furry family pet, sprawled under a sunny window or by the fireplace. Your home is your haven, a place where you will want to be completely relaxed and comfortable, and a plush, alluring floor is the perfect place to start. Carpet padding is typically around five to eight pounds per cubic foot and can be as thick as one half of an inch. If that sounds like too much, it can be thinner than one quarter of an inch. There are so many options to tailoring your flooring plans to fit exactly what you are looking for.

Your home should reflect you and your family in every possible way. Whether that means a different room designed to represent each of your family members in some way or another, or one big carpeted room that invites both family and friends alike to plop down and feel cozy, comfortable, and welcome, you want your home to help represent you and speak for you. Once you have decided what the flooring in each room will be, you can have fun coordinating the paint colors, furniture arrangements, wall and window decorations, and ceiling fixtures to tie the room together.