Why Hurricanes May Be Getting Even Worse


Impact resistant

The Debate

Global climate change inspires a great deal of contention when discussed in many parts of the United States. This is a rather bizarre result when one considers that the vast majority of the rest of the developed world accepts this state of affairs and mankind?s contribution to it. Of the world?s scientists who specialize in fields that study this phenomenon, 98% agree that it is happening and humans are the primary cause. That is weighty evidence indeed.

The Reasons It Matters

The practical effects on people are diverse and far-reaching, and one area that deserves particular consideration is the potential effect climate change may cause, perhaps already has caused, in hurricanes. Anecdotal evidence points to the conclusion that an intensifying effect has already begun. Simply look at Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Superstorm Sandy in 2012 for confirmation, right? Not quite.
Scientists have been slow to make any sweeping proclamations about the impact of climate change on hurricane season. This is true, at least, as far as the present is concerned, with the community refusing to state what many laypeople have already concluded for themselves.
The inhibiting problem relates to the technological leaps and bounds the measurement of hurricanes has undergone. With hurricanes being measured with new accuracy, scientists have no way to say with certainty that there has been an effect or if the hurricanes were simply not well measured in previous years. However, recently that tide has begun to turn. As data continues to show more intense hurricanes, some experts are now saying they will happen more often and they will hit harder.

What Does This Mean?

For those living along the Atlantic Coastline, there is really no practical method to deal with this future threat to safety except to prepare their homes accordingly. Of course, moving is an option for some, but others cannot leave for a multitude of reasons, and others do not want to leave the places they call home.
Safety can be addressed in many ways, and the wise homeowner will pay attention to every detail they reasonably can inspect. An example of a construction detail that could be damaging is sliding glass doors. If not crafted of hurricane resistant glass or covered with storm doors, their glass simply becomes flying shrapnel. If your home lies in one of these vulnerable parts of the nation, be smart and start checking on your safety today.