How A Professional Can Save You Money On Plumbing


Install a water heater

Plumbing is something that we don’t necessarily like to think about. It’s one of those things that is integral to the running of a house — but it’s also rather messy. Furthermore, many have the perception that regular maintenance or fixes to their plumbing systems cost a lot of money. This means that homeowners often attempt to fix plumbing issues on their own. Of course, there are at-home “fix it kits” that can be bought at hardware stores and even some grocery stores. And sometimes, they can cost less than a professional plumber’s services at first. With that being said, we say “at first” because the fact is that amateur plumbing usually ends up costing homeowners a lot more a professional plumber’s services could. Many admit to causing more damage to their own plumbing systems than what they were originally dealing with. While a professional drain cleaning is quick and relatively cheap, trying to do the same on your own can spiral out of control. Below, we’ll look into the landscape of plumbing today and yesterday, as well as the different plumbing services available today and how they can be of help to you.

Plumbing: The Past And The Present

To understand the plumbing industry today, you might want to know what it was like in the past. In fact, plumbing is a fairly ancient practice. It’s believed to have originated during the reign of ancient civilizations such as Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian and Chinese cities. As they developed public baths, they needed to provide potable water and the drainage of wastes for a large amount of people. As technology developed, so did plumbing systems. Today, plumbers are able to use fairly advanced technology. Across the country, there are thousands of plumbers, and that number is only expected to grow. There should be a hiring jump of 21.3% in plumbers by the year 2022. This means that there will be 82,300 new jobs during this period of growth. However, for the most part, this jump in jobs will be male-dominated. This is because the plumbing industry in general is highly male-dominated itself. It’s estimated that just 1.1% of plumbers and those in related trades are women. Now, women are just as capable of installing a water heater or handling a sewer repair as men. This is simply the way the industry is for now.

From Professional Drain Cleanings To Water Heater Leaks: Plumbing Problems

There are some common issues that recur in plumbing systems. Clogged drains are one of those problems. Drains can easily get clogged, whether they’re indoor or outdoor. While some homeowners attempt “snaking drains” themselves rather than going for a professional drain cleaning, this can cause corrosion or other types of damage to their pipes. This is why a professional drain cleaning is the preferred alternative for most homeowners. A much more major, often-troubled part of your plumbing system is your sewer line. People rarely know off the top of their heads how old their sewer lines are — but if a sewer line is over 40 years old, it likely needs to be replaced. Should your sewer line need to be replaced, your best option may be to move towards a trenchless sewer line. Though they came onto the market 10 to 15 years ago, many residential homeowners are not aware that they’re an option. These trenchless sewer lines can make it easier for repairs and maintenance to be done without damage to the surrounding area.

Saving Money On Plumbing: The Little Things

There are many small ways in which you can save money on plumbing. For one thing, you can fix the little leaks — like leaky faucets. These may seem minor, but they can cost you a lot of money in the long term. In fact, the average household’s leaks equal about 10,000 gallons of water lost each year — or 270 loads of laundry. Remember: things that seem small tend to add up.