The Top Three Reasons It’s Time to Switch to Environmentally Friendly Lawncare


Pet friendly lawn care

If you own a home, there’s a high chance that ensuring your lawn looks good is important to you. And you’re not alone: approximately 90% of Americans who have a yard say it’s important that their lawn is maintained well.

A key part of keeping any lawn beautiful is using lawncare products, whether they’re fertilizers or soil treatments. Yet many people haven’t weighed the differences between traditional chemical products and a new wave of organic, environmentally friendly lawncare products. These biodegradable,

Is it time for you to make the switch to natural lawncare products? Find out with this list of the top benefits of choosing green lawncare:

Environmentally friendly lawncare encourages a more beautiful yard

Lawncare products made with organic, natural ingredients aren’t just good for the environment and for your local ecosystem ? they help your lawn look better, as well. Lawns treated with organic products are lusher, greener and stronger against pests and diseases. Additionally, organic lawn treatments stay in the soil longer than chemical treatments, since they can’t be washed away by rain, leading to richer soil over time.

Green lawncare products are safe for pets

Did you know that chemical lawn products can cause harmful health effects in pets who go outside? It’s all the more reason to try out these natural products. So if you’re a pet owner, you can purchase organic lawncare with the confidence that it will be pet friendly lawncare ? along with being family friendly lawncare, as well. That’s not to mention the fish and wildlife that will be healthier thanks to fewer chemicals being introduced into the ecosystem.

Environmentally friendly lawncare helps raise your property value

It’s true ? making the switch to eco-friendly lawncare can help you nab a higher price if you’re trying to sell your home. About 92% of homeowners who landscape their yards choose to add plants that are native to their region; with organic lawn products, these plants will thrive even more in their environment. As a result, you can expect your property value to rise by about 12%. And because organic lawn products produce a more beautiful lawn, you’ll catch potential buyers’ attention before they’ve even parked their car. See more. See more.