Clean, Efficient And Affordable Why More Americans Are Using Solar Energy Panels


Solar energy

The future is closer than ever. With more businesses going green and countries around the world creating financial incentives to encourage further exploration of environmentally friendly production choices, it has never been easier to seek out affordable ways of doing your part to help the Earth. Even better is all the money you can save during the process! Home solar system design is an innovative way of harnessing the power of the sun and providing you with the energy you need to thrive in your day-to-day life.

Solar Energy Around The World

Did you know the average annual growth rate of global solar energy has exceeded 100%? The world is only going to get more eco-friendly from here, so it’s essential to catch up on all the ways you can save money while supporting the environment at large. Studies have shown only 0.0005% of the planet would need to be covered with solar panels to power it, easily replacing conventional methods of heating, lighting and general energy. Solar energy panels can be as small as your hand and as large as a house, depending on the current need!

Solar Energy In Your Home

What does this mean for home solar system design? For starters, the benefits of solar panels means you can enjoy the same energy you’ve always enjoyed for a cheaper and cleaner price. A mere 0.02% of incoming sunlight captured correctly is sufficient enough to replace literally every other fuel source currently used by the mass market. According to Home Power Magazine, over 180,000 American homes were off-grid by the time 2006 rolled around.

Cleaner And Better

Let’s take a look at some hard figures concerning home solar system design. Over 75 million barrels of oil are saved annually by all the current solar energy homeowners. Likewise, over 35 million tons of carbon dioxide are saved on a yearly basis. Overall, commercial solar installations have increased by a stunning 487% in the past five years and is only expected to keep increasing in the next decade.

Efficient And Simple

One of the best qualities about a new home solar system design is how easy it is to install. The cost of solar panels has fallen by approximately 100 times since the 1970’s, with solar panels today twice as cheap as they were in 2008. Even if your environment is on the colder and cloudier side you can still find yourself saving hundreds, even thousands, of extra dollars on your energy bill year after year.

Installing Solar System Design

Now that you’ve learned more about solar energy solutions and the advantages of solar panels, it’s time to figure out how this can fit into your lifestyle. A solar panel can be easily installed into the vast majority of homes, not so different from a standard roof installation, and can see you reaping the benefits in no time at all. Solar power is particularly suitable for remote areas not connected to energy grids, to boot. If you’re curious about a residential solar system, contact your local roofing contractors and see how they can give you an environmental and financial boost.