4 Outdoor Projects to Plan for This Spring



With spring around the corner, you’ll likely want to start planning out your next outdoor projects. Whether you’re landscaping or hardscaping, there are plenty of things that you can do to give your drab yard a fresh spring pick-me-up. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Add a patio. Patios are great for outdoor entertainment and can be jazzed up with some dramatic stairs, walkways, and other features. Many people decide to go all-out with their outdoor entertainment space and build-in fireplaces and grills. This way, you can cook, eat, and entertain all in one place. Come summertime after construction is done and the days are long, you’ll never want to cook or hang out inside ever again.
  2. Plant a garden. If you want to plant fruits, vegetables, flowers, or shrubbery this spring, you better start thinking now. Many plants have specific growing seasons that start as early as mid-March. If you’re banking on growing your own produce, you don’t want to miss your window. Once springtime hits, think about building a raised garden bed. Not only will your raised bed be a great practical addition to your yard, you can dress it up to make it a great focal point and conversation piece.
  3. Have a pool or hot tub installed. While a pool may not come in hand until summertime, hot tubs are great all year round, especially during chilly spring nights. There are a number of styles of pools and hot tub jacuzzis that can really class up a back yard. Water features, for example, are very in right now, and will really elevate your landscaping. However, if you’re a more practical type, simply having the pool or hot tub may be all you want and need to entertain family and friends.
  4. Landscape the front of your yard. If your shrubbery has seen better days, it may be best to invest in a new set of trees and flowers. First impressions are everything, and while your neighbors yards will likely look rough when the winter snow finally melts, you don’t want to be behind by the time they start working on their yards. Start planning now and possibly hire a professional landscaping company to come in and evaluate your yard’s damages. Take a trip to a lawn and home store and start picking out some seasonal plants that work well with your outdoor decor as well. Outdoor decorating and design is fun, try not to stress to much about it.