Three Common Mistakes While Resurfacing a Deck


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Having functional outdoors space really adds a lot of value to your home. When your back yard features things like outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, or swimming pools, it basically gives you extra square footage, makes your home more enjoyable, and has a profound impact on value you’d get from your home when you sell.

However, if your outdoor living space is run down, it has a negative impact on your home. It gives your home a poor first impression, detracts from the curb appeal, and makes your home less pleasant to live in. When this is you, investing a weekend or two, as well as little money in pool deck resurfacing or pool renovations is a good idea.

Pool deck resurfacing isn’t complicated if you have a little know-how and some basic tools. When homeowners attempt their own pool deck resurfacing and fail, they usually commit one of the following mistakes (we’re telling you this so that you can avoid it):

Three Common Mistakes While Resurfacing a Deck

  1. MISTAKE: Not Planning the End Before You Begin the Work
    We’ve all been there. You’re so excited to get your deck resurfacing on that you jump into the work and figure you’ll figure it all out as you go. However, this is a recipe for a disaster. There are about a baker’s dozen of reasons this isn’t going to pan out well. You’re going to run out of money before you get the work done. The steps you need to take are finicky with a deck resurface; if you do it out of order, you’ll find yourself having to redo the work. In some cases, you’ll do more damage than good. This is so discouraging during any home update.

    How to Avoid: Before you lay a finger on your deck, make a quick list of steps you’re going to take from beginning to end. Jot down the amount of time you need to dedicate to each step (and keep in mind that you’ll need to set aside days at a time for stains to set and sealants to cure) to ensure you schedule it right. And by all means, make a budget! Plan out how much you’re going to spend on each step, to ensure you have the funds to complete the project. If this is beyond your skill level, try talking to a contractor before you get started. Which brings us to our next point…
  2. MISTAKE: Not using care while selecting a contractor.
    If you decide to outsource all or part of your pool renovation project, you need to be very choosy about who does the work. Not everyone who says they renovate decks or pools are actually equipped to do a good job.

    How to Avoid: Before hiring a professional to do any updates to your outdoor living area, make sure to do your homework:

    • Verify their licensing, insurance, and bonds.
    • Ask about years of experience. The longer they’ve been in the business (while maintaining a good reputation), the more likely they’re equipped to do a good job for you)
    • Ask for referrals from customers who have had similar work done.
    • Read up on the reviews for the contractor online. Don’t be discouraged by one negative review (because some people are just haters), but if they get a lot of complaints, consider it a red flag.
    • Check with the Better Business Bureau. If the business doesn’t have a listing with the B.B.B., you should keep looking.

  3. MISTAKE: Making all your decisions on price.

    We all like getting a good deal, but that really shouldn’t be the singular driver in doing a pool or deck update. Getting the cheapest deal on your backyard updates is really money wasted if it’s poor quality, unsightly, or you don’t get functionality out of it.

    How to Avoid: Make sure you have a good understanding of the cost involved in your pool deck resurfacing project. Get estimates from at least three contractors. You don’t need to go with the highest bid, but if someone is charging an exceptional amount less than everyone else, there’s a reason for it. They’re either cutting corners that you’ll live to regret, using cheap materials, or downright scamming you. They wouldn’t stay in business if they were able to charge less than it costs to do the work properly.

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