5 Simple Pool Tips and Tricks Anyone Can Do


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Swimming pools are very popular in the United States and around the world. In the United States, there are about 309,000 public swimming pools and another 10.4 million residential pools, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) document, “Healthy Swimming Facts, Statistics and Facts About Pool Safety” There are two states in America where having a pool is more popular. Few people are surprised to hear that Arizona is one of them but water surrounded Florida seems like an odd choice for number two but it is hot there. Adding a pool to a home can increase its property value and provide the homeowner and their family with years of pool side fun and recreation. One thing that often keeps people from installing pools at their homes is the issues with pool service. People worry about the swimming pool cleaning and pool maintenance. Here are some tips that anyone can do to keep their pool looking great.

  1. Get some tennis balls. One thing that causes a lot of the oily sheen on the water of a pool is the sun block and the suntan lotion that is used by swimmers. It does not take the coat of a pool to look dirty when the pool is being used a lot, like during the summer. There is a simple solution to this. Buy some cheap tennis balls and toss them into your swimming pool water. The tennis balls will attract the oils from any of the lotions people jump into the pool wearing. Just toss the balls in and leave them be and your pool will look better.
  2. Clean the tile line often. One area where dirt, contaminants and residue will accumulate quickly is the tile like. This is the area between the water’s top and the tiled portion of the pool. If you take some time to clean this area at least once a week, more or less if it needs it, you will notice a great reduction in the amount of dirt that gets into your pool and keeps your water in your pool looking clean and clear longer and will keep calcium out of the water. If you are diligent about cleaning the walkways around your pool, you will also do a lot to keep that dirt out of your pool.
  3. Do not let non-human animals in the pool. There are a great many reasons to keep your swimming pets out of the pool. In the first place, chlorine can be very bad for your pet’s skin. Another thing is that when you let your puppies in the pool they bring dirt and their hair with them. All of the dirt and much of the hair will be left when they jump out. This can speed up the time between sessions with your local pool cleaning service. The hair can also get trapped in your pool’s filters. You will spend a lot of time cleaning out those filters and if you ignore them, you may need costly pool repairs done often. If you do not mind that but are concerned about your pet’s skin health, you will have to lower the chlorine in your pool. Talk to your local pool service for more information.
  4. Enjoy a cooler pool. Some people are surprised by the impact running their swimming pool heater has on their energy bills. There are ways to prevent that. If you live in a sunny place, one way to keep your pool naturally is paint it a dark color to attract the heat from the sun. You can also keep your pool cooler or get a solar cover for your water. Letting the sun warm your pool will add nothing to your power bill.
  5. Use a bucket for your water usage. A well maintained pool should not lose more than one quarter of an inch every day. If you are losing more than that, you may need to talk to the local pool service. Take a bucket, put some weight in it and place it on the stairs. Take a marker and put the water level on the bucket.

Sometimes you will the pool service but these tips can help keep your pool looking great.