Still Looking for Your Dream House? Have it Custom Built


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Do you want to remodel your home and aren’t sure where to begin? When you contact a home improvement specialist, they can assist you with this process. Whether you’re planning to have one room remodeled or a total home remodel, you probably have a few ideas to update or improve your living spaces.

Are you planning to move? If so, are you currently looking at newly constructed homes for sale? You may be aware that there are several available tenant improvement options available for new construction projects.

Whether you’re having an existing home remodeled or adding finishing touches to a new construction, you are probably interested in knowing more about the potential returns on your investment. A recent Houzz survey was conducted with homeowners planning to have residential contractors provide remodeling services.

Master bathroom remodels were at the top of the list for 60% of the Houzz survey’s participants. It was found that 91% of these homeowners were planning to have energy-efficient toilets installed as part of this remodeling process. When adding or updating a bathroom, your return on investment would usually average 86.4%.

If you’re planning a minor remodel to your kitchen, it should bring you a return on investment of 82.7%. Your investment return would usually be more with a total renovation, however.

Basement remodeling tends to provide a high return on investments. This is because a basement remodel increases available living space without expanding the house’s footprint. Your investment return for this types of remodeling project could be 69% or more.

When you love hardwood floors, you’re probably willing to pay extra for a home that already has them. Over half of prospective home buyers indicated that they would pay more for hardwood flooring.

In some cases, homeowners are planning to have whole-home renovations. This is the case with 35% of the homeowners that participated in the Houzz survey.

Once you begin the process of having your home remodeled, you may discover that you have even more ideas for creating a home that you love. As a result, you may discover that you want to sell your existing home and have a custom home built instead.