Three Tips On Roofing That Homeowners Should Keep In Mind


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Do I really need to call a roofing contractor? Plenty of people ask themselves this every year while taking note of some leak or loose shingle. Chances are that if you’re asking yourself this question, you do need to call a roofing contractor — if for nothing else than to ensure that your roof is steady. A roof isn’t something that anyone needs to play games with. After all — if you neglect fixing a door, the worst that can happen is that it will come off of its hinges. If you neglect to fix a roof, it can collapse on you. While it may seem unlikely that your roof will collapse, what is likely is a small issue with your roof becoming a big one, and that resulting in a much more expensive bill from the roofing company. A simple consultation with a local construction contractor can make a big difference in the long term, both in terms of practical safety and your wallet. For that matter, roofing contractors can help you figure out exactly what type of roof would be more efficient for you should you have to replace yours. Below, we’ll list just a few ways in which professional roofers can help you find the most cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for your roofing issues. Without further ado, here are our top tips on keeping a good roof.

1. Maintenance Is Key

Again, you shouldn’t wait around for an issue when it comes to roofing. If you do notice an out of the ordinary problem, of course you need to call a roofing contractor about it. But why not do your best to prevent roofing issues in the first place by having your roof regularly maintained? Normally, your roof should be inspected by a professional at least once or twice a year. Inspections might have to go up in frequency the older your roof becomes. But typically, these inspections won’t cost much in the grand scheme of things — and you can think of inspections as investments in the future. They’re certainly better than paying out for a problem that could have been prevented! Here’s how much you should realistically expect to pay for normal maintenance and repairs of a roof: 1% to 4% of the home’s annual value. This will increase on some level as a house ages, but for a $200,000 house this will end up meaning about $2,000 in repairs annually.

2. Don’t Drag Your Feet On Replacements

The fact is that replacing a roof isn’t fun. Nobody would say otherwise. But it’s certainly better financially speaking — and in terms of safety — to replace your roof rather than repair it over and over. Typically, a roof between 2,200 and 2,6000 square feet will cost a homeowner between $1,000 and $4,000 to completely replace. A professional will charge more — usually between $2,000 and $8,500. Again, however, this is an investment. It’s certainly better to have your roofing replacement done by a professional than by an amateur who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Usually, a professional roofer will charge you by the square. A square is one ten inch by ten inch patch of roof, and that means that the average roof has 22 to 26 squares. If a roofer doesn’t work in squares, then there may be a reason to question their expertise.

3. A Metal Roof Might Be The Option For You

So, say you want to replace a roof — what kind of options do you have? Plenty. But many homeowners aren’t aware of the many benefits of a metal roof. For one thing, they’re long-lasting — they last about 30 years with regular maintenance. In fact, painted metal roofs have the added benefit of retaining 95% of their reflectance and emittance, which could mean cutting down on your energy use. They also tend to be made up of recycled materials, with most having a minimum recycled content of 25%.