Advantages of Choosing an Oval Spiral Duct


Oval duct

When it comes to deciding which type of ducts you need, it’s a very important decision. Most of us all want to find an option that works well, without costing a large sum of money. Recently, more home and business owners have been using oval spiral ducts for their locations. Some people are unaware of the massive benefits using spiral ducts can have. In this post, we will discuss benefits of using a rounded duct.

  1. Decreased Air Leakage ? Recent research shows that about 20-30% of air moving through a duct ends up lost. Lost air in a duct system occurs due to leaks, tears, and ducts that aren’t connected well. Over time, certain duct systems can wear down. One of the main advantages of an oval spiral duct is the reduction in air leakage, due to its design.
  2. No Adding for Space ? One main problem with rectangular units is that extra space must be added. Rectangular ducts require certain connections to be made. These connections can take up to 3 extra inches of space at nearly each turn. One of the advantages of an oval spiral duct is that it requires no extra space for connections.
  3. Less Noisy Reverberation ? One of the many advantages of an oval spiral duct is that it is less noisy than a rectangular air system. Oval duct fittings ensure your air system will run quietly. One thing any home or business owner knows is that a leaky air system can be very annoying. Advantages of an oval spiral duct air system include far less reverberation.
  4. Costs Less – Another benefits of oval ducts is that they typically cost much less than rectangular ducts. The previously mentioned connections and fitting can make any HVAC bill climb up. However, spiral oval ducts can sometimes cost 50% less than rectangular ducts. The reason for the drop in costs for a spiral duct is due to reduction in costs associated with: parts, labor, and warehouse costs.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of oval ducts. Ensuring that no air is leaking out of your home or business ensures that your utility bills will stay low. In addition, you’ll not have to worry about being in a building that won’t cool down. The burden of having to install extra connections and fittings can lead to a higher repair bill. In addition, the concerns for space could lead to renovations needing to be done. The noise reduction in air ducts is another advantage of oval spiral ducts.