How An Old Air Conditioning System Can Have Dreadful Consequences


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Summer is here, and in full swing for some parts of the United States. No matter what part you live, when it’s the middle of summer, those temperatures could be blazing. Everybody knows that as the temperature rises, so does your electricity bill. You will certainly be reaching for the thermostat more often, and if you do not have an updated and efficient air conditioning unit, it could be racking up your bill. So if you do live in an area where the temperatures are high, your air conditioner is important. With all important things, they must be taken care of. 2/3 of all homes in the United States have air conditioning.

Central air conditioners and air conditioning units are unfortunately commonly overlooked as far as their age and quality. Many people may complain about their air conditioner going out during the hardest parts of summer. This could be due to a worn out or old system that needs to be replaced. Compared to air conditioning units installed in 1990, the systems of today use 50% less energy. Poor previous installation could be an issue as well, as leakage from ducts can cause a loss of up to 40% of the energy from an air conditioner.

Having an energy efficient home with lower electricity costs can be a blessing during the heat of summer, so thinking about updating your systems may be vital. HVAC services are always well prepared to update your heating and cooling systems to ensure an energy efficient house. The newest air conditioning units and technology can be used in your own home, and will be well worth it. If your system is without a doubt old, it is high time to replace it. 700 million air conditioners will be installed by 2030, where updated models will be used to catch up with the age.

Newer central air conditioning systems and units have better a EER, which stands for energy efficiency ratio. This is what keeps your bill down while keeping your house cool. HVAC employees can install, repair, and renew your systems while giving you handy tips on how to get the most out of your air conditioning.