How Often Do You Think About Your Everyday Safety?


Cable railings

Safety is paramount in our everyday lives. It’s so widespread, in fact, that it can be easy to take it for granted. Guardrails are put along bridges and stairways to prevent people from dangerous falls. Back-up systems are installed in elevators to ensure they don’t mismanage various weight. Even the food you eat comes with allergy labels. When it comes to daily safety, wire railing for decks is one that needs to be combined with a steady knowledge of materials and assembly. A minor error in the process can risk the stability of the product, causing dangerous and even deadly slips and falls.

Stainless Steel’s Reliability

Stainless steel is a material that has been turned to time and time again by many companies. Why? It’s reliable, tough and can withstand both the test of time and the elements. Stainless steel products contain at least 12% chromium, providing a thin protective layer that prevents rusting. Rust is a poisonous element, able to cause nerve damage, and needs to be removed immediately if sighted.

Benefits Of Recycling

Not only is stainless steel a reliable element that can be used in a wide variety of applications, it’s recyclable and environmentally friendly. It can be 100% re-purposed into the same product with absolutely no reduction in quality, making it the gift that keeps on giving for countless construction, repair and installation industries. Over 90% of the stainless steel used today is crafted through recycled materials.

Different Steel Grades

Stainless steel is essential for creating high-quality wire railing for decks. That doesn’t mean it’s a one-size-fits-all. There are multiple grades that can be accessed for the job, making one cable railing kit different than another. There are over 150 grades of stainless steel, with the compositions of different alloys differing depending on what the final product is going to be used for. Is it a mostly aesthetic railing for a home product? How about a railing system in the middle of a busy metropolitan area? These questions determine what materials and grades are used.

Various Installation Applications

What are wire railing for decks used for? Many different applications. The majority of homeowners that want to upgrade their outdoor spaces, creating an ideal entertainment area for family and guests alike. When homeowners spend six or more hours per week on their porch or backyard, installing a reliable wire rail system is vital to prevent falls. Nearly one-third of single-family homes sold back in 2014 came with a patio, a porch or both.

Creating Safe And Applicable Railings For Every Situation

Railing systems are important to keep people safe and comfortable no matter where life takes them. Cable railings, in particular, need very rigid frames to sustain weight. They are usually constructed of stainless steel, though some are built through sturdy wood. Most building code requirements state that cables need to be rigid enough to prevent a 4 inch sphere from passing through. The spacing between posts must also be no more than five feet. Due to the notable revenue a patio or deck can provide an establishment or home, wire railings are an ideal option for safety and finances both. Don’t take your materials for granted. Stainless steel in aesthetic and functional railings is the best option for everyone involved.