Keeping Your Air Conditioner in Optimal Condition


Air conditioning repair

A home is a place you want to have the perfect temperature. Many older air conditioning units do not operate at maximum efficiency. It is understandable for a homeowner to feel frustrated by a faulty air conditioning unit. One study found that nearly two thirds of homes in the United States have air conditioners installed within them. Keeping your air conditioning working properly can be done after a professional inspection. In this post, you will learn the benefits of having your old air conditioning unit inspected.

  • Inspection for Previous Installation Errors: In some cases, an older AC unit installation could have been done incorrectly. You don’t want to continue using an air conditioning system if it hasn’t been installed properly. An air conditioning repair company will help to ensure any errors causing frustration are found and fixed. A properly installed air conditioning unit will increase the energy savings within your home.
  • Checking for Duct Leakage: Many things contribute to leaking air ducts. Homes with leaking ducts have AC units that run more often. Leaking ducts are often caused by elements or rodents that form small tears in duct work. Homeowners tend to notice major energy savings after all leaking ducts are fixed. It is tough for homeowners to diagnose leaks, as they can be extremely hard to find within the home.
  • Filling Refrigerant: One vital part of AC maintenance is keeping refrigerant levels in check. This liquid is what helps your air conditioner to effectively cool your home. Units with little to not refrigerant are likely to not provide adequate cooling power. Another aspect of an air conditioner to take care of is the air filter. Most air filters in an air conditioning unit should be replaced every one to three months. Keeping filters changed and refrigerant filled provide additional energy savings for a homeowner.
  • Replace with a more Efficient Unit: Newer models of air conditioning units use nearly 50 percent less energy than units made about 30 years ago. In some cases, the wisest decision a homeowner can make is to replace an older AC unit with a new one. It might seem confusing that having your air conditioner entirely replaced will save you money. However, costs of an older AC unit stack up throughout the months. In time, having a new air conditioner installed will help pay for itself in lower utility bills.
  • Possible Tax Savings: This next benefit is completely dependent on current national and local tax laws which can change. However, there are current incentives to keep Americans buying energy efficient equipment. Many homeowners are unaware that such savings for a new AC unit exist. However, energy efficient air conditioners are far more beneficial for the environment than older models.
  • Lower Monthly Bills: Every homeowner wants to lower monthly bills, if possible. Using your HVAC unit less throughout the year is one way to save money. However, you might not want to deal with having an uncomfortable temperature within your home. Having a new AC unit installed works well to keep your home cool without you having to use it sparingly. The energy savings seen with a new air conditioning unit work well to keep monthly utility bills low.
  • In closing, there are several beneficial reasons to have your air conditioner inspected by a professional. These professionals will check a home for any errors from a previous AC installation. Fixing air conditioning errors are crucial, as they can become costly. An air conditioning repair company can check ducts for any possible leaks. Many companies will automatically perform tests to ensure that coolant levels are optimal. In some cases, an older air conditioner might not be able to be fixed which will mean a new installation. Having a new air conditioner installed makes any home stay cool all year round.