Is Your Construction Company Getting Ready to Start Several New Projects?


Heavy equipment parts

Construction equipment rentals provide a great alternative to many companies who are looking for an affordable way to complete major products. From parking lot repair to snow removal and from landscaping tasks to road construction, construction equipment rental is often the most economical approach. Instead of purchasing equipment that may be infrequently used, renting heavy equipment can help companies achieve the tasks they have set in front of them without incurring too much expense.
In addition to the initial purchase costs, another reason for using construction equipment rentals is that expensive maintenance costs can be avoided as well. Finding the right construction rental company, in fact, can help keep budgets in line and still complete projects on time. Knowing that the rental company is in charge of maintenance and updating equipment means that budgeted finances can be spent on the actual project, instead of unexpected and expensive equipment purchases and repairs.
The Global Construction Industry Market Is an Important Part of Many Economies
Companies of all sizes around the world are dependent on finding the right equipment at the right prices. And while purchases can be difficult to afford, it is often far more affordable to rent these needed pieces. Consider some of these statistics about the large construction equipment economy and the rental industry of these important pieces:

  • 8.7 million Americans worked in construction as of the year 2010, including construction workers who build residential, commercial, and industrial projects, according to the National Association of Home Builders,
  • 7. 8 million production workers are part of the construction industry in America.
  • The U.S. is the second largest construction market worldwide, with a market share of around 10%.
  • The top 50 companies generate nearly 90% of construction industry revenue, an indicator that the U.S. construction machinery manufacturing industry is highly concentrated.
  • 145.5 billion was the global construction equipment market in the year 2015.
  • Green building in the residential segment currently accounts for 26% to 33% of the total market and has helped contribute to the industry’s recovery after the recession, according to Dodge Data and Analytics.

Many projects rely on large pieces of construction equipment. Finding the right place to rent affordable and reliable pieces of heavy construction equipment is the best strategy and approach.