4 Ways to Reduce Instances of Elevator Vandalism


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Being placed in charge of a building is an important job. One of the most important aspects of building management is keeping equipment safe. Many large buildings are known to have elevators to transports workers and guests. Unfortunately, it only takes on bad influence for a vandal to target an elevator. It’s understandable to feel confused about where to start when it comes to elevator protection. Here are four important ways to keep elevators safe from vandalism.

  1. Install Camera Technology

    Many commercial facilities are known to have security cameras installed. It’s wise to ensure that your elevators feature video surveillance technology. Studies have found that vandals are often deterred from committing a crime after seeing surveillance systems. Having access to security footage is beneficial for filing a police report against any vandals.
  2. Utilize Tough Interior Panels

    A commercial elevator installation company can help you find the right interior panels. It’s understandable to want durable panels that will stand the test of time. An elevator repair company can help ensure you find panels that are easy to keep clean. You’ll find that many interior panels look extremely clean after a simple wipe down.
  3. Reduce the Time of Elevator Trip

    It’s important that visitors within a building are transported safely by elevator. You don’t want an elevator to move too fast. However, slower elevators often allow vandals to have more time to commit criminal acts. An elevator repair company will ensure elevators work properly while providing optimal trip times for guests. Hiring the help of an elevator safety company is wise to keep your workplace safe.
  4. Hire a Security Guard

    Many commercial properties employ security guards. It’s wise to have a guard in an elevator, especially in areas where vandals are known to appear. Having a security camera within your elevator works well to protect a guard from any cases of wrongdoing by guests. It’s wise to do everything possible to ensure your company remains protected from any potential lawsuits.

In closing, there are several ways to ensure elevators are safe from vandals. Many business owners utilize video surveillance technology to monitor any cases of elevator vandalism. An elevator company can help ensure your business has tough interior panels that are resistant from graffiti. You might want to enlist an elevator repair company to test the speed time of an elevator. If an elevator moves too slowly, it creates more time for vandals to strike your business. Many business owners hire a security guard to protect an elevator during business hours.