Keeping Your Roof and Gutters Clear for a Healthy Home


When you get to that milestone in life of owning your own home, it can feel like things are finally falling into place for you. Having a place that is yours, that you can retreat to when the pressures of work, the daily grind, and the world in general get a little too intense, can help to remind you of what is really important in life, and that all that work you have put in is all worth it. Or it could even help you to reexamine your priorities and rediscover the path that you are supposed to be on. In any case, that home of yours is a sanctuary and a comfort for you, and you likely have an ideal vision for what you want it to ultimately be. This can come with quite a lot of work in the form of home projects for you, but that work will definitely be worth it, as you will only improve your standard of living and quality of life.

From the gutters to the decks
The number of home projects that you have on your to do list, and the level of complexity that each will take to complete can vary, depending on the state of your home when you acquired it, and what work you have already put into it. Some projects are more pressing than others. For example, you may fantasize about those gorgeous marble countertops that will make your kitchen shine someday, but if your roof and gutters haven’t been cleaned or maintained in some time, that should take precedence. A good roof cleaning company will likely be able to provide quality gutter cleaning services as well, and perhaps they’ll be able to include a thorough scrub of the decks around your home too. While much of this process may seem to be only about aesthetics, there is another reason that these should be attended to, and it is much more crucial than your curb appeal.

Your gutters are as important as your roof because they help rainwater to drain off the roof more effectively. This is why you need to keep them clean and clear of debris that may weigh them down and also affect their efficiency. If you call a roofer to inspect or fix your roof, don’t forget to ask them to also check your gutters.

If your gutters are worn and need a replacement, make sure to get the best replacement, which may be leafguard gutters if you deal with a lot of fallen leaves. Take time to find out the best gutters for metal roofs if your home has a metal roof on it. These may be box downspout gutters, for which you should know the cost. You can get an idea by searching for something like box gutter cost online.

Don’t forget to talk to your roofer and ask them about the right box gutter downspout to get if you decide to get this type of downspout. They may not just know a great one, but they may also know the best retailers who can sell you the best version of what you need at a friendly price.

Keeping your home healthy
It is easy to forget about the top of your house. You don’t spend a lot of time up there, and most of the time, if there are any issues, they aren’t easily visible from the ground. But routine maintenance and cleaning are essential for your roof and gutters, as small, unchecked issues can too easily and quickly become major problems that end up being far costlier than those routine maintenance checks. Clogged gutters, though at first glance might just seem to be a minor inconvenience, can actually be the beginning of serious problems that might even affect the health of your family. These clogged up areas cause roof water to overflow and accumulate around the foundation of the house, rather than following the intended path through the gutter and out the downspout, safely away from your home. Once you have rain water accumulation around the foundation, you could very quickly be looking at leaks into the basement, which could in turn lead to dangerous mold situations.

The Environmental Protection Agency, or the EPA, has reported that every single type of mold does indeed have at least the potential to have harmful health effects. Some are rather minor, but others can be critical or even cause death, though those cases are few and far between. Keeping the intended pathway for rainwater above and around your house clear is the best first step in avoiding having to deal with this potentially dangerous mold at all.

Stay on top of the important maintenance issues around your home. Keep every gutter unblocked, your roof cleared, and downspout extensions leading a safe distance away from your home and from your neighbors’ as well. Keep a happy and healthy household, free of mold and clutter.