Over 60% Of Burglaries Happen During The Day Busting The Break-In Myths


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Your home is where you feel relaxed and secure. How good does it feel to return to your favorite part of the house after a long day, kick up your feet and turn on the television? Everyone has something that speaks to them about their place of residence, but no matter how varied these tastes get, a breach in security is always shocking. Burglaries have taken a dip these past few years, but they’re still at numbers far too high to be negligible. If you want to make sure your home is always a place of safety, rather than an accident waiting to happen, you’ll want to keep reading on the benefits of a new door installation.

Even if you’ve been lucky enough to circumvent a burglary yourself, you likely know someone who has had their house or car broken into. Not only do they lose hundreds (even thousands) of dollars, their sense of self can take a real hit and require years to recover from. The United States sees over two million home burglaries reported every year, which is just the tip of the iceberg when you also factor in business break-ins and vandalism. How can you make sure you’re always prepared for what’s to come, even when the future is tinged with uncertainty?

Knowing a little more about burglaries is a good place to start. Your average movie burglar is dressed in black and looking for the most valuable jewelry to steal under the dead of night. The fact of the matter is rather different. Over half of all burglaries actually take place during the day, making it easier for unwanted guests to look like they’ve just ‘lost their keys’ or are housesitting for a friend should a passerby catch them in the act. Another one-third of break-ins will happen through the front door rather than the back door or back window. Unlearning these media stereotypes will put you in a much better spot than your neighbor to ward off would-be thieves.

Your own statistics will also paint a bigger picture for you. Renters are up to 85% more likely to experience a break-in than homeowners. This doesn’t mean homeowners should become complacent, however. Out of all the burglaries that occurred in 2013, nearly 60% of them were the result of forced entry. This coincides with another troubling statistic that finds 10% of homes having improperly installed deadbolts, making a simple kick or shove all that stands between a thief and your home. If you want to avoid becoming yet another statistic on the list of minor to major break-ins, you need to look into a locksmith service or door installation company.

The nearly two million burglaries that happen every year accumulates over $4 billion in property loss. At the very worst? Potential injuries to your loved ones. A new door installation can nip some of these statistics in the bud by making it very difficult for someone to muscle their way into your home. Installing a door that can hold up to extreme pressure and prying will do wonders to improve your security and your confidence. Commercial door locks are up-to-date and extremely sturdy, with keys duplicated for commercial doors another addition you can tack on to your repertoire.

A few safety habits you can couple alongside these changes are being more aware of your surroundings and avoiding common pitfalls. It’s estimated we spend ten minutes every day rummaging around for lost items, whether it’s for our car keys or headphones. Being more careful where you put your belongings will reduce your stress and make it easier to manage your week. If you need someone to look after your home while you’re gone, don’t put your keys under the mat or in a nearby bush. Put it a few yards away in a specific location to deter potential thieves who could be looking on for an easy target. Better yet? Give the keys to your friend or acquaintance in person.

A new door installation can be the one thing standing between you and a thief. Why take the chance?
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