What To Consider When Deciding On Home Renovations


Window installation

When a homeowner decides to make renovations or updates on their home, it can be difficult to decide what’s most important to renovate. Some might consider appliances, others might think of giving certain rooms a fresh coat of paint. But all homeowners considering renovations should think about installing an exterior door. An exterior door has many benefits and can not only update curb appeal but also have the potential to protect your home. In fact, an exterior door (along with energy efficient windows and skylights) could save up to a 25% of energy used in a home.

In fact, replacing windows every 20 years (as recommended) can help to increase energy savings as well. If you’re not sure when to replace your windows, keep an eye out for draftiness as well as condensation, ice, and frost collecting on the window panes themselves. If you upgrade to double pane insulated glass as well as heat resistant coatings and airtight frames, you can save energy costs by an additional 15%. Double pane insulated glass also has the benefit of reducing noise.

Aside from installing an exterior door and upgrading your windows to double pane glass, installing vinyl siding can have benefits for your home as well. Why vinyl, to begin with? Well, vinyl is about 25% less expensive than wood and has proven to be one of the most popular materials used for siding (including vinyl covered aluminum). Vinyl siding can also be helpful in protecting your home against severe weather. In conditions of sever wind, most vinyl siding is able to withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour. This means that your home is not only cost effective but safe as well.

When it comes to home renovations, installations, and changes, it can most certainly be hard to know where to begin. An exterior door can provide an upgrade in the physical appearance of your home, energy efficiency, and additional protection (as the vast majority of burglars enter through the front door). Replacing windows every 20 years (and upgrading to double pane glass) can be improve energy efficiency as well. Vinyl siding can keep your home safe in instances of severe weather.