Creating a Forest-Themed Room for Your Child


Wall tree stencil

Ever since 2008, the modern DIY movement has been beginning to rise. People are starting to take home remodeling and renovation into their own hands, and for good reason. Rather than having to contract work out towards various companies and businesses — having to pitch your plans, gather their feedback, and then quibble over pricing, you can simply start getting to work with your own ideas and creating something both unique and personal. Similarly, when people come by to your home, you can mention the tidbit that the renovations were completed by yours truly.

With a little research and the right supplies, you can easily take control of your home, giving it the exact aesthetic that you wish to bring to it. With only 20% of Americans pleased with their home decor, it makes sense that a redesign can make for a worthwhile project. In particular, this can be simply achieved through the repainting of rooms — whether kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

While the other examples might be good ideas, to feature colors that add warmth or fit the design of appliances, repainting a bedroom can be a special thing. If you have a child, it is something you should greatly consider.

It’s said that young children can easily identify the shapes and colors of their surroundings, with most infants developing color and depth perception at just five months old. For a young child, having a room of their own is an experience that will stick with them through their later years, forming an exact picture of the room that they grew up in — whether for its aesthetic, color, and overall feel. One beautiful way to provide comfort for your child is through the design of a lively, forested area, particularly through the use of forest animal wall decals.

Forest animal wall decals are pastable prints that can be placed upon bedroom walls, wherein they can be used to bring fun, wondrous life to a bedroom with immediate ease. This type of custom wall decor is special because it allows your children to easily interact with their very own cute forest animal wall decals, a sort of life they might not experience for years to come.

If you’re considering this for your young, adventurous child — which you should be, we have a wonderful DIY project in mind. Consider this: creating a forest-themed room for your child. The walls can be repainted to start, utilizing wall tree stencils so you can readily feature a woodland scene, of which leaves, flowers, and fauna can be painted over the top. Birch, oak, maple, hickory: The choice of tree is up to you (and the type of forest you’re attempting to feature). And once that is done, once your paints have readily dried to the touch (which can take an hour for latex-based paints and six to eight hours for oil-based paints), you can then consider introducing your forest animal wall decals.

Deer, fox, owls, bears, loons: The forest animal wall decals you use are whatever you feel are fitting towards the forested environment you want to provide to your child. Get creative and make it unique, giving your child a comfortable, lively environment that they are sure to appreciate and remember!