To Improve The Kitchen Or The Bathroom Which Renovation Will Give Your Home The Highest ROI?



What is it about a nice bathroom that just brings the whole home together?

It could be just how often we use this part of the home. Brushing our teeth, taking a relaxing bath, getting dressed for a nice night on the town…a good bathroom is everything. When it feels cramped or dingy, however, it can seriously tear down your mood and leave you always wanting more. Today’s home improvement projects frequently prioritize the bathroom, whether it’s installing a new cabinet to make room for more towels or installing accessible handles in the bathtub to help a family member age in place.

It’s never been a better time to be a homeowner. Let’s see how you can spruce up that bathroom and breathe new life into your home.

Popular Home Renovation Projects In America

What does the average homeowner want out of their household? That might just be your first mistake! Everyone needs something different, after all, and one person’s trash is another’s treasure. According to a 2016 HOUZZ Bathroom Trends Study, around 30% of the survey’s respondents stated they wanted to expand their shower size. Additional data suggested the kitchen as another popular area for its impressive ROI upon improvement, such as installing a new faucet or replacing missing tiles. What do you want to get out of your home this year?

Fun Kitchen Ideas For Beginners

Home improvement frequently turns to the kitchen to restore that previous splendor. A new kitchen island can give you some much needed flexibility when moving back and forth between cooking obligations and the rest of the home. For those that want to start smaller, fixing some of those cracked tiles or scuffed floorboards can do wonders. A minor kitchen remodel can even boost your ROI. Studies have shown simple additions can yield an average ROI of 80%. When you combine that with a bathroom remodel? The sky’s the limit!

Smart Bathroom Ideas For Beginners

We’ve got the kitchen out of the way…what about the bathroom? Turns out you can net a pretty impressive ROI here, too. A bathroom addition, such as a new bathtub handle or towel rack, can give you a return on the investment of nearly 90%. A recent survey found a whopping 90% of homeowners actively changing the style of their master bathroom during a whole house upgrade, with around 85% of those homeowners choosing to update their major features. This includes showers, sinks and countertops.

Simple Tips To Avoid Mistakes

If you’re worried about losing money with your bathroom remodel project, never fear. There are ways to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Home improvement can be taken in steps, from minor touch-ups to entire transformations of one part of the home. Being honest about what your house needs to be its best is the most important first step, as simply following along with what’s popular can leave you dissatisfied. For those that want to be more economical, starting off with a functional addition like a new sink can prove a smart first step before you move on to aesthetic.

How To Get Started On The Path To Home Improvement

You’ve looked up statistics on popular home improvement projects and are chomping at the bit to get renovating. Now what? It’s time to reach out to remodeling contractors in your area and ask for a consultation. They can take a look at your budget and the style of your home to offer you ideas geared toward what you need. Could that be a fancy quartz countertop to give your kitchen some sheen or a shower expansion to make your bathroom feel less cramped? No matter where your imagination takes you, you can bank on a professional being able to meet you halfway.

Home improvement starts from within. What does your house need to start shining?