4 Ways to Keep Equipment in Optimal Condition


There are many working throughout the United States in the exciting world of construction. In fact, the United States has a 10% share of the entire construction market, making it the second largest market for this industry. With that in mind, it’s important to ensure that your construction company is doing everything possible to keep all working equipment in the best condition possible. Considering that, here are four ways to keep construction equipment in great condition.

  • Always Follow Regular Maintenance Schedules

    You’ll never want to neglect equipment maintenance. With that in mind, many construction machines have some type of recommended maintenance schedules. You’ll find that contacting equipment repair services before these dates arrive can help your business save a lot of frustration and money. Keeping regular equipment maintenance appointments helps to avoid the potential risk of breakdowns or complete machine failures. In addition, staying on top of maintenance dates helps to keep your machinery working well for a long time to come.
  • Keep a Complete History of Past Inspections

    Work within the construction industry often moves at a fast pace. Considering that, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed while trying to keep track of machinery maintenance schedules. Therefore, it’s wise to consider using either paper or a computer for keeping histories of machinery repairs. This also allows you to have a faster time catching any types of machinery that are nearing their inspection date. You might find it’s slightly easier to utilize some type database creation software for managing this important information.
  • Have Machine Operators Report Anything Suspicious

    Statistics gathered from the National Association of Home Builders in 2010 found that there were nearly 8.7 workers in the United States who worked within the construction industry. Considering that, many within this industry work as machine operators. These workers are often the ones working closely with construction machinery each day. Therefore, these employees are far more likely to sense that a machine could have a problem than other workers.
  • Halt Work While Dealing With Faulty Machinery

    In the event that machinery begins to behave suspiciously, it’s time to shut down work for the time being. Stopping work while machinery is repaired helps to prevent worker injuries. In fact, statistics show that 35% of all annual injuries that occur while workers are on the job are caused by machine accidents. While it might seem overly cautious to stop work while suspecting that a machine is faulty, it’s one of the wisest decisions a construction manager can make. This eliminates the risk of workers suddenly being injured by a machine that should have been repaired in the past.

In conclusion, it’s extremely important to keep construction machinery in the best possible condition. One way to accomplish this goal is by ensuring that equipment maintenance is regularly performed. Keeping a history of these maintenance dates helps to avoid any confusion while you’re working. You’ll want to always ensure that machine operators are able to speak with someone about potential machine issues. Fixing machine issues as early as possible helps to avoid problematic construction situations. It’s important that your construction business is partnered with the right construction equipment maintenance provider. This ensures that you’re likely able to have a wide range of construction equipment efficiently repaired.