A Look At Fencing In The US


From wooden entrance gates to the typical residential fence installation like a wood fence, fences and barriers are important in our world, in the United States as well as in many places beyond it. Wooden entrance gates and a wood fence are only part of a wider national and worldwide trend, which even guardrail installation can now be considered to be a part of. From a wood fence to the more and more common and trendy PVC fence, there are many fencing options and opportunities that are out there in the world. All you need to do is look into them to find the one that is the right fencing option for you. Maybe it’s the standard wood fence with wooden entrance gates but it might even be wooden electric gates as well. Fencing can be used to provide security as well as protect privacy, and hiring a professional company to install your fencing can help to ensure that you will get the best results in your fencing solution possible.

All types of fencing, from wooden entrance gates to residential fencing like a wood fence, are hugely popular all throughout the country of the United States, a fact that is backed up by a considerable amount of data. In fact, in the year of 2016 alone the fencing market of the United States alone had a value of very nearly ten million dollars (seven million dollars precisely, if you are looking to be more exacting in your figures). By the time that we reach the year of 2024, less than six years away from the current date and year of 2018, however, this number is expected and anticipated to climb astronomically, easily reaching an overall market value of eleven and half billion dollars when all is said and done. In the years that will follow after the year of 2024, this number is only likely to continue the climb upwards. In fact, in the five years between the year of 2012 and the year of 2017 alone, the overall value of the fencing market for everything from wooden entrance gates to wooden driveway gates for sale (among many other fencing options), jumped by more than six percent every single year.

Aside from wooden entrance gates and other such residential fencing like a wood fence designed to promote privacy and even add to the aesthetic appeal of a home, some fencing like a wood fence can even be used to increase safety in a number of situations. Take, for instance, the work that guardrail installation companies do. Guardrail installation is important for the safety of drivers all throughout the entirety of the United States, as it has been directly linked to preventing fatalities in car accidents of various origins in all parts of the country addressed above. For example, data shows that guardrails that are at least thirty six inches in height, if not even taller, can help to improve the safety of our roads here in the United States. As vehicles test guardrail safety at a speed of more than sixty miles per hour (sixty two miles per hour to be more exact), this shows that guardrails can handle vehicle collisions even at high speeds, an impressive feat – especially when it comes to saving lives all throughout the country. Fencing can also help to protect your private property, often deterring and keeping out those who should not be there and protecting your home from potential invasion. After all, even wooden entrance gates, when properly locked, can provide a deterrent to potential home invaders, adding an extra level of security and protecting your home, even if just by a little bit more. After all, every bit counts.

From wooden entrance gates to guardrail installation to even a wood fence, there are many reasons that fencing and guardrails are important not only in the United States but in many other varied places around the world as a whole as well. People who own private residences often choose to erect fencing as a way to protect privacy, but it can also be used to promote and enhance the security of a home – or even of a building such as an apartment complex – as well.